A Little to Close

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

September 9th 2014 Douglasville, Ga.

Ms.White was in her BMW west bound on Interstate 20 around the Highway 5 exit.

Ms. Artise was driving her 2012 Nissan Altima and ran into the back of Ms. White’s BMW.

After the officer spoke with both parties he concurred that the Nissan had been following too

closely and cited Ms. Artise for just that. Both drivers refused medical attention.


Failure To Yield Entering Roadway

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

July 13th 2010 Marietta Ga.

Around five o clock pm in Marietta Georgia Ms. Migneautt was traveling south bound from the

parking lot on Whitlock avenue and was making a left turn onto east bound Whitlock avenue.

Approximately at the same time Ms. Meherg was driving her 2003 Saab in the center turning

lane of Whitlock avenue west bound. Ms. Migneautt failed to yield when entering the roadway

causing her left front end of her 1997 Plymouth Voyager to strike Ms. Meherg’s Saab on the

right front. A citation was issued to Ms. Migneautt by the Marietta Police Department for

“failure to yield entering roadway”. No injuries were reported.


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Side Swipe

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

June 30th 2010 Roswell Ga.

Ms. Ganote was driving northbound on Hardscrabble Road in her 2010 Chevrolet Blazer

and was turning left onto northbound Crabapple Road.  Mr. Lavery was travelling southbound

on Crabapple Road in his 2010 Honda Civic. Mr. Lavery arrived at the intersection of

Hardscrabble and Crabapple and stopped at the traffic light. Ms. Ganote was turning right onto

Crabapple Road and failed to maintain lane and sideswiped Mr. Lavery. Ms. Ganote was cited

with “failure to maintain lane”. No injuries were reported.







Over Correction By Tom Gripes, SNSN

July 13th 2010 Marietta Ga.

Mr. Thackston was driving southbound on I-75 in the right lane in his1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Ms.Marberry was in her 2005 Chrysler traveling southbound in lane three of the southbound

side of I-75 also. At this time Mr. Thackston attempted to change lanes to the second lane

when he noticed that it was not clear. When Mr. Thackston realized the danger of the situation,

he over corrected to the right causing his vehicle to spin in the middle of the highway. When he

came To a stop he was facing north in lane three. Ms.Marberry was not able to avoid crashing

into Mr. Thackston's Cutlass. Ms. Marberry struck Mr. Thackston’s Cutlass on the passenger

side front fender. The cars were moved off of the Highway before an officer of the Marietta

Police Department arrived at the scene. No injuries were reported.


                                                                                                         Failure To Yield Entering Roadway

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

July 13th 2010 Marietta Ga.

Around five o clock pm in Marietta Georgia Ms. Migneautt was traveling south bound

from the parking lot on Whitlock avenue and was making a left turn onto east bound

Whitlock avenue. Approximately at the same time Ms. Meherg was driving her 2003

Saab in the center turning lane of Whitlock avenue west bound. Ms. Migneautt failed

to yield when entering the roadway causing her left front end of her 1997 Plymouth

Voyager to strike Ms. Meherg’s Saab on the right front. A citation was issued to

Ms. Migneautt by the Marietta Police Department for “failure to yield entering roadway”.

No injuries were reported.


Side Swipe

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

June 30th 2010 Roswell Ga.

Ms. Ganote was driving northbound on Hardscrabble Road in her 2010 Chevrolet Blazer

and was turning left onto northbound Crabapple Road.  Mr. Lavery was travelling

southbound on Crabapple Road in his 2010 Honda Civic. Mr. Lavery arrived at the

intersection of Hardscrabble and Crabapple and stopped at the traffic light. Ms. Ganote

was turning right onto Crabapple Road and failed to maintain lane and sideswiped Mr.

Lavery. Ms. Ganote was cited with “failure to maintain lane”. No injuries were reported.



Improper Lane Change

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

May, 5th 2010 Douglasville Ga.

Ms. Dawson was stopped in the straight westbound lane of Douglas Blvd. Ms. Dawson

was in her 2004 Chrysler Sebring stopped and stated that an elderly woman in a large car

exited K-Mart and was blocking all the eastbound traffic on Douglas Blvd. Ms. Dawson

decided to change lanes to allow the elderly woman in the large car to complete her right

hand turn. What Ms. Dawson did in trying to do a good deed was pull out in front of Mr.

Brown in his 1987 Chevy truck causing Mr. Brown to collide into Ms. Dawson. The Lady

in the large car left the scene and Ms. Dawson was charged with “Improper Lane Change”.

No injuries were reported.


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                                                                                                               Mr. Rogers’ Neiborhood

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

August 14th 2010 Duluth Ga.

Mr. Rogers was driving along Abbots Bridge road heading eastbound. He was in his blue

2004 Dodge Stratus. A curve was coming up fast and due to his miscalculation he reached

for his migraine medicine. Due to the amount of time verses his rate of speed his desperate

reach for pain medicating caused him to run off the road in the curve. Abbot’s Bridge road

has a drop off into a large ditch right at his point of miscalculation. He managed to take

down a DOT speed limit sign. After that point he gained some amount of control. He was

able to get the 2004 blue Dodge though the ditch and onto some stable terrain. That was

\good because traffic was not impeded now. The car came to a stop a few feet from the

driveway of 3675 Abbot’s Bridge Road. There was extensive damage to Mr. Roger’s

vehicle’s undercarriage and passenger side. No injuries or citations were reported.


Following Too Close

By Tim Gropes, SNSN

August 7th 2010 Douglasville Ga.

Mr. Brown was stopped on State Route 5 in his Ford f150 northbound. He was near

Douglas blvd.Ms. Moreau was trying to change lanes northbound also on State Route

5 in her 1992 Pontiac Firebird. Ms. Moreau was not able to change lanes quick

enough and struck Mr. Brown in the rear.Ms. Moreau was cited with

“following too close”. No injuries were reported.


Left and Passing don’t Mix

By T. Gripes, SNSN

September 9th 2022 East Point Ga.

Mr. Cowart and Ms. Cleckley both were driving west bound on Raleigh Drive.

Mr. Cowart was in his 2004 Volvo Tractor Trailer and Ms. Bleckley was in her

1983 Chevrolet C-10. Mr. Cowart was attempting to turn left on Sylvan Road

when Ms. Bleckley tried to pass on the left side. You can easily see how these

two actions did not mix well as resulting in a collision. Luckily there were no injuries.




Yield at Green Light

By Tim Gripes, SNSN

October 16th 2012 Forest Park Ga.

This wreck involves a collision between two cars at an intersection in Forest Park

at a traffic light. When the emergency unit arrived to the scene a Mr. Richardson

stated that he was traveling west bound on Forest parkway in his 2009 Toyota

Camry and the traffic light was green. He stated that a Mr. Taylor in his 2010

Honda Accord had turned left in front of him. Mr. Richardson stated that he

couldn’t stop in time to avoid the collision because the turn that Mr. Taylor made

was last minute and left him no time to make a stop. Then when Mr. Taylor spoke

up he stated that while he was traveling westbound on Forest Parkway he entered

the left turning lane at the traffic light at Frontage Road. He stated that a tractor

trailer was in the turning lane westbound directly in front of him blocking his view

of the oncoming traffic. Mr. Richardson complained of neck pain and a juvenile in

his car had a possible broke arm and was bleeding a little around the wrist area.

No other injuries were reported. The juvenile was transported by Forest Park

Rescue to Henry Medical Center. Mr. Richardson’s car was possibly totaled

from the wreck. Mr. Taylor’s car had extensive damage to the right side and the

right side curtain airbag was deployed. Both west and eastbound traffic lights

were green. A sign was posted at the lights warning drivers making a left to yield

on green light. Mr. Taylor subsequently was cited for failure to yield while turning


ross.jpgYield When Entering an Intersection


By Tom Gripes, SNSN

October 16th 2010 Forest Park Ga.

Ms. McElroy was stopped in her 2002 Chrysler 300M at the stop sign at Alpine

way and Jonesboro Road. According to her the cars at the red-light were stopped

for the red-light and she was allowed to cross the intersection due to the drivers

on Jonesboro Road leaving a space for her. She proceeded across Jonesboro

Road.  Now at the same time here comes Mr. Rodriguez in his 2008 Ford Focus

traveling along southbound on Jonesboro Road and entered the turning lane to

make a left hand turn on Thurmond Road. This is when Ms. McElroy pulled

directly in front of him. Mr. Rodriguez stated that the car seemed to come out of

nowhere so quickly in front of him that he was not able to stop due to not having

enough reaction time. Ms. McElroy complained of neck and back pain. Ms.

McElroy’s front left fender of her vehicle received extensive damage and was

leaking transmission fluid. Mr. Rodriguez’s car received extensive damage to

the front end and his driver’s side airbag deployed during the collision. Ms.

McElroy was cited for failure to yield entering an intersection.



Following Too Close

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

October 30th 2010 Roswell Ga.

Mr. Lawson was driving his 2009 Honda Civic and Ms. Burch was driving her

2004 Toyota Rav 4 eastbound on Mansell Road. Ms. Burch stopped for traffic

and Mr. Lawson struck her car in the rear end. Mr. Lawson received a citation

for following to close.

gas starion.jpg


Oh My Dear

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

November 1st 2010 Woodstock Ga.

Ms. Geist and Mr. Carson were traveling opposite directions and were passing

each other.Ms. Geist was in here 2006 VW Jetta and Mr. Carson was in his

2004 Toyota Sienna and the location was Victoria Rd. near the intersection of

Bells Ferry Rd. This was the moment that a collision occurred. It was not between

the two cars. A deer jumped in the middle of the road and both cars hit it but not

each other. Consequently neither driver

was faulted. Oh my deer!


Who Did It?

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

November 3rd 2010 Marietta Ga.

Mr. Ihuoma was traveling on North Marietta Parkway in his 1999 Kia Sephia east

bound in the left hand turning lane. Mr. Han was traveling east bound on North

Marietta Parkway east bound in his 2004 Lexus RX330 in the southern left turning

lane preparing to turn left on Cherokee Street. At that time the Kia Sephia struck

him in the left side. The officer dispatched to the site was not able to make a

\determination of who was at fault if any. Both drivers stated that they had

maintained their proper lane.




If You are Scared Holler “Red Rock”

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

October 10th 2010 Forest Park Ga.

According to our sources all traffic was stopped at the traffic light on Old Dixie

Highway.This is when in the rearview mirror Mr. Tetreault saw a tractor trailer

coming fast toward him.The site was scary enough for him to move his 2000

Ford F350 forward but in the process of inching closer to the light and further

away from the approaching Big Rig he bumped the rear end of a 2006 Nissan

Altima. This collision caused the Altima to bump the rear of an Oldsmobile. So

there you have it.It is good to take precautions but be careful. No one complained

of injuries. The driver of the F150 was cited for following too closely and the driver

of the Nissan was cited for no proof of insurance.


Racing Is Illegal On The Highway

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

November 28th 2010 Chamblee Ga.

According to an eye witness a vehicle was either racing or just flying without a pilot’s

license. The vehicle flew off the side of SR 141 near the intersection of Clairmont Road.

After the car came to rest in a wooded area the driver fled on foot. The police

immediately searched the area with no luck. They did however find a wallet with a

temporary driver’s license in it. Along with those items other items were also found

including a cell phone that was locked with a password and plastic bag with a leafy

substance in believed to be marijuana in the center console. The vehicle was towed

by Brown and Brown Wrecker Service and a hold was placed on the car

per Traffic Investigations.


Can You Handle The Horse Power

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

November 26th 2010 East Point Ga.

On the 26th of November in East Point Georgia Mr. Garcia was in his 1994 Pontiac

Firebird. The maneuver that he was attempting would be considered a fairly easy one.

He was in Kim Long Plaza and was turning onto the roadway left or southbound. He

stated to the officer who arrived at the scene that his car started fish tailing or the back

end became unstable swinging back and forth. All this action landed Mr. Garcia in the

far Northbound lane facing the wrong way. It was at that time that Mr. Limon smacked

the Firebird with his big 1993 Chevy C1500. Bam…. Well that type of fishtailing

doesn’t happen without too much pressure being applied to the gas pedal. Well that is

my view on the topic. Consequently the officer did cite

Mr. Garcia with “Failure to yield from drive”.


Don’t Sleep While You Drive

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

February 2nd 2011 East Point Ga.

Ms. Jackson was in her 2010 Nissan Altima and was eastbound exit ramp of Langford

Parkway at the intersection of Knotts ave. She was at a complete stop. It was at this

same time that one Mr. Rouse was driving his 2006 Toyota Camry while he was sleeping.

According to the police report “he fell asleep and collided into the rear of Ms. Jackson”.

Mr. Rouse stated that he works third shift and fell asleep causing the rear end collision.

He did receive a citation.  No known injuries reported.




Stop Sign Violation

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

January 29th 2011 Forest Park Ga.

On January 29th 2011 at 10:29am a Forest Park police officer was dispatch to an accident

involving two cars with no injuries. The location was the corner of Simpson road and Old

Jonesboro road. Mr. Huggins stopped his 2006 Nissan Frontier at the stop sign on Simpson

road but failed to yield to oncoming traffic on Old Jonesboro road. Here comes Ms.

Carmichael in her 2001 Pontiac Grand Am and was not able to stop in time causing her to

hit the Nissan. The Nissan received damage to the driver’s side rear door and panel. The

Grand Am had moderate damage to the front end causing Ms. Carmichael to exit her vehicle

from the passenger side as her driver’s side door would not open. No one complained of

injuries and Mr. Huggins was cited for the stop sign violation.


Three In A Row

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

January 20th 2011 Roswell Ga.

Ms. Smith, Ms. Smythe, and Mr. Hendrix “sounds like a good band” but it was actually a

three car collision on Atlanta Street in Roswell Georgia. All three vehicles were traveling

north on Atlanta Street near State Route 9 near Heritage Trail. Mr. Hendrix slowed down

for traffic ahead. Ms. Smith was traveling to close behind causing her to collide with Ms.

Smythe. The two vehicles were then pushed into the rear of Mr. Hendrix’s 2010 Toyota

Camry. Ms. Smith was cited for "following too closely”.




Leaving Home

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

January 28th 2011 Roswell Ga.

Mr. Ham was traveling west leaving a private driveway making way onto Holcomb

Bridge Road in his 2001 Hyundai Elantra. Around about this same moment in time

there was a lady driving along northbound on Holcomb Woods Parkway in the right

though lane 750 foot north of Holcomb Bridge Road. That is the location of the

driveway that Mr. Ham was attempting to leave and enter the highway. Well once

again not being careful enough and no yielding to the traffic on the road was the

combo deal resulting in a slam into the right side of Ms. Hehrhof’s 2001 Honda

Accord. Mr. Ham not only received a citation for failure to yield but was also

driving with no insurance. A bad day for both people that easily

could have been avoided.



By Tom Gripes, SNSN

April 20th 2011 Douglasville Ga.

Ms. Tawala war traveling west on Stewart Parkway in her 2003 Toyota Tundra.

Right about this time a one Mr.Losey in his 1992 Honda Accord pulled out in

front of Ms. Tawala which caused a collision. Mr. Losey stated that he didn’t

see the Toyota and Ms. Tawala said she was left with not enough time to avoid

the wreck. Mr. Losey was cited with failure to yield.




Minor Damage

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

June 9th 2011 Rockdale County Ga.

Ms. Glover was stopped at a stop sign in her Lincoln Mark 5 at the intersection of

Old Parker Road and Highway 138. Ms. Glover pulled up her 2008 Mark 5 to

see if the intersection was clear enough for her next maneuver. Now right behind

her comes one Mr. Barner in his 1997 Chevrolet S10 pickup truck. He thought

by Ms. Glover pulling up that it had cleared the lane. So with that thought imbedded

in his brain he pulled up resulting in smashing Ms. Glover in the rear. Thank the

Divine Creator for no injuries. Minor damage was reported to both vehicles from

the Constable on Patrol. Mr. Barner was determined to be at fault for

following too closely.


Intersection Collision

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

September 6th 2011 Roswell Ga.

On September 6th Mr. Poteet was driving along eastbound on Holcomb

Bridge Road in his 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Truck. He was

nearing the intersection of Barnwell Road approaching a red light.

C. Wang was traveling southbound on Barnwell Road approaching the

same traffic light on a green light and turning left. Mr. Poteet ran the

red-light resulting in a crash of the two vehicles.

There were no reported injuries.


Leave Room on The Tracks

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

August 8th 2011 Morrow Ga.

Mr.Avin was driving his tractor tailor “car carrier” west bound 

along Mt. Zion Road attempting to execute a left hand turn onto

Jonesboro (SR54).The railroad guardrail came down and hit a

2011 blue Honda CRV over the rear passenger side window

causing slight damage to the car. Mr. Avin was issued a case

number/information pamphlet.



Bumping the Back

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

August 30th 2011 Marietta Ga.

Mr. Stallings was traveling east on Powder Springs Road near Bellemeade

Drive in the left lane in his 1998 Ford Pickup Truck. Y. Hirose in his 2005

Honda Accord was in front of Mr. Salling’s Ford Truck when Y. Hirose

stopped for traffic and Mr. Sallings was not paying attention resulting in a

rear end collision. Mr. Stallings received a citation for

“Following Too Close”.


Bumping the Back Again in Morrow

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

November 21st 2011 Morrow, Ga.

Vehicle Number one which was a Kenworth Tractor Trailer driven by Mr.

Rider was in Morrow Georgia 2011 November 21st at the intersection of

SR 54 and Highway 75. OK Mr. Rider in his big tractor trailer was

attempting to turn right “South” onto SR54 from Highway 75 when even

though he was turning with a wide swing, he still wasn’t able to avoid the

rear tandem axle of his trailer from hitting the rear bomber of Ms. Moore’s

Chevrolet Envoy. She was sitting south bound on SR 54. Consequently the

driver of the Kenworth was sited with improper right turn. Imagine that?!!!


Rocky Road in Rockdale County

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

December 15th 2011 Rockdale County, Ga.

Ms Gosdin was traveling westbound on Union Church Road at its intersection with East

Fairview Road. She stopped her Honda Accord at the stop sign. Mr. Lewis was

traveling northbound on East Fairview road at its intersection with Union Church Road

and also stopped for the stop sign. Mr. Lewis proceeded into the intersection.  Ms.

Gosdin attempted to cross the intersection afterward and struck Mr. Lewis’s 2001

Volvo in the side. Ms. Gosdin failed to yield.

musical card;17;02 PM.JPG


Watch the Road

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

January 5th 2012 Morrow, Ga.

Ms Walker stated that she was stopped for the traffic light at the intersection of

Mount Zion Road and Meadowbrook Lane when Ms Wallace struck Ms.

Walker’s 2006 Honda CR-V in the rear with her 2002 Toyota Highlander. Ms.

Walker declined an EMS assessment and the damage to the vehicle which was

slight. Ms. Wallace said that she was traveling straight on Meadowbrook Lane

when a large drink spilled in the vehicle floorboard causing her to become

distracted. Ms. Wallace was cited for “following too close”.


Bug Off

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

February 14th 2012 Marietta, Ga.

Ms. Halcomb was traveling west on Whitlock Ave. and stopped in traffic. Her vehicle was a

2004 Lexus. Well here comes Ms. Mills in her 2010 Chevrolet HHR and she was coming up

behind Ms. Halcomb when she noticed a bug on her hand. What comes next one could only

expect. She panicked due to the tiny creature on her hand and was trying to get it off of her.

Now she had shifted her focus to the wrong thing. By time she looked back at the road it was

too late for her to stop Bam! Ms. Holcomb’s shoulder was hurting but concurred that she

would drive herself to the hospital to be looked at. Ms. Mills received a citation for

“following too close.



Stay In Your Lane

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

February 2nd 2012, East Point Ga.

Ms. Benjamin was traveling in the center lane of North Commerce Dr. about one half of a mile

from Camp Creek Parkway. Ms. Benjamin was driving a 2007 Buick Lacrosse. Ms.

Carmichael was driving a 2012 Hyundai Sonata on the same route except she was in the left

turning lane. Ms. Carmichael saw Ms. Benjamin’s Buick edging into her lane. After a couple

of honks on the horn by Ms. Benjamin at no avail. Bam Ms. Carmichael’s Hyundai Sonata

slammed into Ms. Benjamin’s Buick. There is no record of injuries and I am 90% sure that

there was a citation handed out on this one.



Look Before You Drive

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

March 9th 2012, Forest Park Ga.

Mr. Oglesby was driving his 1998 Acura Integra in the central turning lane of

old Dixie road heading north. His intention was to turn west on forest parkway.

This is when Mr. Shannon was pulling out of the parking lot of 4950 Old Dixie

Road in his VW Jetta and slammed into the side of Mr. Oglsby’s Acura. He

was trying to proceed southbound and said he didn’t see the other vehicle. He

and his daughter were injured. He was also cited for failure to yield when

leaving a parking lot. There was moderate damage to both vehicles and

Mr. Oglesby wasn’t injured.


Watch the Road

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

May 30th 2012 Marietta,, Ga.

Mr. Defoor was in his 1999 Ford SRW Super travelling Northbound on Interstate 75 in Marietta Georgia. Right behind Mr. Defoor was Mr. Christian driving his 2004 Honda Civic. Ms. Harris in her 2008 Dodge Nitro was also Northbound on Interstate 75 right behind Mr. Christian. Mr. Defoor stated that a vehicle stopped abruptly in front of him causing him to stop quickly. He was trying to avoid a collision. Then of course Mr. Christian had to follow suit by slamming on his brakes. Ms. Harris couldn’t quite stop quick enough to avoid the collision and slammed into the back of Mr. Christian causing his vehicle to slide forward into the back of Mr. Defoor's SRW Ford. Consequently Ms. Harris was cited for “following too close” No injuries were reported.


Pay Attention or Pay

By Roger Crain, SNSN

April 30th 2012, East Point Ga.

Mr. Jennings was travelling North on S.R. 14 and came to a stop in the left hand turning lane behind Mr. Andrews. Mr. Jennings wasn’t paying attention and thought that the light had turned green. That caused him to proceed forward into the rear end of Mr. Andrews’s rental car. Mr. Jennings was at fault. No injuries were reported.


You Hit My Rear

By Roger Crain, SNSN

July 16th 2012, Marietta Ga                                                                                                                                                                                           

Mr. Davis was driving a 2008 Ford F-250 westbound in the right straight lane on Roswell Rd...Mr. Lucas was driving a 2009 Pontiac Vibe in front of Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis stopped for a traffic light and Mr. Lucas was following too closely and rear ended Mr. Davis causing the front bumper of Mr. Davis to collide with the back bumper of Mr. Lucas. Mr. Lucas was cited for following to close no injuries reported.





Back Up A Little Please

By Roger Crain, SNSN

July 17th 2012, Roswell Ga                                                                                                                                                                                            

Ms. Stribling was driving a 2004 Jeep Grand. Ms. Stribling was traveling north on Ga. 400. Ms. Gervais was driving a 2002 Honda Civic. Ms. Gervais was also traveling north on Ga. 400. Ms. Stribling was following too closely to Ms. Gervais and struck Ms. Gervais in the rear end of her Jeep. Ms. Stribling was cited for following to close. There was no injuries reported.



It’s My Turn

By Roger Crain, SNSN

July18th. 2012, Marietta Ga                                                                                                                                                                                           

Ms.Bring  was driving a 2002 Saturn SCI attempting to make a left turn from eastbound on Delk Rd.into a private drive northbound.Ms.Lusher was driving a 2002 Saab Aero traveling westbound on Delk Rd. IN THE FAR RIGHT STRAIGHT LANE. Ms.Bring failed to yield turning left colliding with Ms. Lusher. Ms.Bring had slight front end damage. Ms. Lusher had moderate damage to the passenger side door. Ms. Bring was cited failure to yield right away. No injury reported.


Special Report

Tom Gripes is back. Safety News Network future times will clearly see his brilliant return. The reasons may or may not be obvious. The general web reader will have to make that call. Remember accidents can be avoided by following some simple rules and guides that we all had to learn to get our Drivers License. Remember that your license to drive a privilege not a right.




Look and Wait

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

8th November 2012 Smyrna Georgia

Ms. Jarriel and Ms. Koyi were sitting on North Cooper Lake road. North Bound at

a stop sign. The two cars were stopped. Both ladies were stating that they looked left.

On Concord Rd intersection for oncoming traffic. Ms. Jarriel said that it looked clear.

She thought that Ms. Koyi already pulled out. She started to go in her Honda SRV and

looked back and realized that Ms. Koyi didn’t go yet. Ms. Jarriel couldn’t stop in time

due to following too close. So her front end of the the Honda slammed into the back of

Ms. Koyi’s Nissan Altima. Ms. Koyi complained of head pain.


Dred those “Hit and Runs”

By R. Crain, SNSN

29th December 2012 East Point Georgia

 A Mr. Amos, driving an International north bound on Interstate 285, was struck in the rear

by a man driving a 2003 Mercedes Benz. From here on known as ‘dred locks’.

A first witness stated that ‘dred locks’ was in the lane directly behind Mr.Amos

when he decide to speed up and pass which resulted in a collision. The first witness

observed ‘dred locks’ strike Mr. Amos who then swerved and struck a guard rail near the

number four lane. The first witness then stated that another witness stopped to aid

dred locks’, but left the scene immediately when they observed that he possessed a

firearm. The first witness then stated that ‘dred locks’ left the scene with a unknown

black female accompanied by a tall Black Male (who also wore dred locks).

All three observes fled in an unidentified vehicle. A second witness stated that she

was driving in the number four lane approximately four car lengths behind ‘dred locks’  

when she observed his Mercedes Benz ‘hydro –plane ‘then strike the guard rail. The

second witness did not see any other vehicles involved. The air bags were deployed

in ‘dred locks’ Mercedes Benz and he was nowhere to be found for a time..Mr. Amos

lost a mud flap in the accident. Now other damages were found upon his International.


The Last Sting is No Ant

By R. Crain, SNSN

26th July 2012 East Point Georgia

A Mr. Hodges stated that he was travailing west on Washington road, when he approached

The intersection of Delowe drive. It was at that point that he realize that his 2002 Chevrolet Impala 

Interior was covered and crawling with ants..According to his statement this immediately

‘deprived and impaired his ability to operate the vehicle, thus resulting in a rear end collision

With a Miss Gray who was behind the wheel of a 2008 Ford Mustang causing her to cream unwittingly

Into a Mr. Curry, sporting a 2009 Chevrolet Impala who were both poised at the intersection

Before a red light. Fortunately there were no injuries, except for several supposed bites from

Hungry Ants.Mr Hodges was also stung by the officer on scene with a citation although he

Observed ants covering the driver’s door and window. As most all cops would agree if you can’t stand

The wrath of the ants, get out of the car quick and safely as possible. Ants are not known to be friendly.




Know Information

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

2nd February 2013 Marietta Georgia

Two cars were out driving on Interstate 75 North. A Mr. Smith was in his 2010 Dodge CXT.

Unknown driver was driving a 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche. The Unknown driver was driving

behind Mr. Smith and begun to pass. Consequently my guess is Unknown was under the influence

Of something. The reason I can make such a bold assumption is just a simple maneuver such as

passing a car on the interstate shouldn’t result in hitting the other car in the rear and fleeing the

scene. That is exactly What happened to Mr. Smith that day.



Driverless in Roswell

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

11th  February 2013 Roswell Georgia

Well this story involves three vehicles. Mr. Barclay in his 1996 Ford Ranger and Mr. Parks in his 2005 Toyota Tundra and Mr. Nicholas in his 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe. It starts like this. Mr. Parks was in the parking lot of 910 Marietta Highway facing South. Mr. Nicholas was parked beside Mr. Parks on his east side. Mr. Barclay was driving eastbound and struck Mr. Parks Tundra pushing it into Mr. Nicholas’s Tahoe.Mr. Barclay then drove off without reporting the accident. Mr. Barclay came to the Roswell police Department later in the day. Even though he eventually did the right thing he still couldn’t avoid the citation of “leaving the scene of an accident with damage”.


Down in Morrow

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

13th April 2013 Morrow Georgia

Mr. Gloer   was traveling east on Mt Zion Rd. in his 1994 Ford Taurus. He was in the left lane and not paying attention turned too soon to get in the right lane.  Mr. Gloer claims he was lost and just trying to turn around but I assume he thought it would be ok to strike Ms. Campbell’s vehicle in the rear quarter panel on the driver’s side during his turn around process. Ms. Campbell was heading east to her known destination towards Pavilion Trace, right before she was struck. Luckily Ms. Campbell only sustained minor damage to her 2013 GMC Terrain. Other than the rear quarter panel, Ms. Glover only had a gash in her rear tire sidewall. Mr. Gloer on the other hand, if is ever lost again, will surely look twice before he decides to find his way in the back of another vehicle again,  considering he not only received a citation for “failure to maintain lane” but also has a front bumper to replace. In conclusion Mr. Gloer and Ms. Campbell were able to remove both vehicles from the scene and were both able to go home with no injuries.


Was that my Rear?

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

9th April 2013 Marietta Georgia

Ms. Richardson was driving her 2004 Mercury Sable about 9:00 am on Deli Rd. Cautiously driving in the third lane headed westbound; her nice morning ride hit her with a little surprise. Mr. Franks, driver of the 2000 odyssey, was driving right behind Ms. Richardson. He was so close that it seemed as if he was in a race and she was in the way. Mr. Franks looked away for one minute to sip his coffee and BOOM! Ms Richardson got hit from the back. See what happens when you try to drive too close or hurry other people on the road. It’s always easier to obey the law and stay off other cars ass. Ms. Richardson car only had a few scratches and paint transfers from the other car.  Mr. Frank had front bumper paint and decal damage.  And last but not least Mr. Franks also caught himself a citation for following too closely




Whose fault is it really?

By Jill Thompson, SNSN

30th June 2013 Marietta Georgia

Mr. Bland was traveling north bound on Cherokee Street in his 2003 Ford Explorer. Ms. Scott was also traveling north bound on Cherokee Street in her 2000 RX300 Lexus. Mr. Bland was in the right/ left turn only lane Ms. Scott was in the left turn only lane about 2:30pm. Mr. Bland not paying attention merged into Ms. Scott’s lane, causing damage to her passenger left front of her vehicle. Mr. Bland continued driving not realizing what he had done. Mr. Bland states Ms. Scott struck his vehicle by not maintaining her lane. After observing visual damage and statements from both drivers, Mr. Bland was given a citation for failure to maintain lane.


Pre-Trip Your Bicycle  

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

12th October 2013 Forest Park, Georgia

On a crisp October afternoon, Ms. Anderson, jumped on her brother’s bicycle, and rode off down Shell Nut St. Unfortunately, Ms. Anderson did not observe personal safety practices, and was riding without safety gear. Unbeknownst to Ms. Anderson, the rear caliper brake cable was severed, and inoperable. Ms. Anderson was racing towards the intersection of Brook Wood, and Shell Nut with no brakes. At or about the same time, Ms Browne was traveling North on Brook Wood, in her 2010 Chevy Malibu, with her passenger Ms. Browne. Ms. Anderson flew through the intersection with no brakes, and impacted with Ms. Browne’s vehicle near the right front portion of the car. Ms. Anderson landed approximately 10 feet from Ms. Browne’s car, with the bicycle on top of her. Ms. Browne and her passenger Ms. Browne sustained no injuries. Ms. Anderson was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital, by Forest Park EMS rescue 1, with no visible injuries, conscious, but unresponsive. LESSON: Always wear safety gear, and always pre-trip inspect your bicycle.




Look Out For The School Bus

By Tom Gripes, SNSN

14th October 2013 powder Springs, Georgia

So here we are in Powder Springs Georgia or Powder Town as the big rig drivers call it. This actually takes place on Powder Springs Road. Ms. Ream in her Ford Taurus is traveling east on the first lane of the four lane section of Powder Springs Road right near the intersection of Deer Creek Crossing when she stopped for a School Bus. Ms Gregory was in her Infinity and changed one lane to try not to hit Ms. Ream’s Ford but she couldn’t stop in time. No one was injured. Ms. Gregory got cited for following to close and expired registration




Take Your Hands Off Of The Wheel 

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

19th December 2013 Marietta, Georgia

Early in December, on a Thursday morning Ms. Adamson was driving her Uncle’s 1999, Ford Expedition south bound on South Fairground street, passing Glover Street. The front seat passenger, number one Ms. Hurst, stated that she thought, the vehicle was going to strike the curb, so she grabbed the steering wheel away from the driver. This action sent the vehicle travelling into oncoming traffic. Ms. Adamson, the driver over corrected her steering back to the opposite direction, resulting in the vehicle striking the curb, a sign, and coming to a rest off of the road way. Passenger number two, Antonio Johnston, was shaken up and frazzled, but was un harmed, and there were no other injuries. Passenger number one, Ms. Hurst, was cited for, Interference with the Driver. LESSON:  Passengers should never ever interfere with the driver of a motor vehicle, and Drivers don’t be distracted by a passenger. Passengers take your hand off of the steering wheel, or get put out to walk. Drivers if a passenger that puts their hands on the steering wheel, calmly come to a stop, and put the passenger out, making them a pedestrian. 


Off The Wall

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

10th March 2014 Marietta, Georgia

On a Monday evening, Ms. Allen was exiting the parking lot of 78 Atlanta Street. She was attempting to turn right, and travel south. Ms. Allen, lost control of the vehicle, crossing all travel lanes, and ran straight into the retaining wall on the opposite side of the highway. No injuries were reported on the scene. Ms. Allen, 81, of Barnesville, Ga. was unfamiliar with her surroundings, and the vehicle she was driving. The vehicle, a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder, belongs to her son Mr. Allen. LESSON: Before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, always familiarize yourself with your surroundings, and the operating procedures of the vehicle you intend to drive. Swallow your pride Moms, and allow your kids to accompany you on longer trips. Kids, remember to respect your elders, and give your Mom some space. Always make sure mom is very familiar with your borrowed vehicle, and accompany mom, or dad, when you can, when taking longer trips. Moms, if  the kids are driving too fast, just give them an eye opening tap with your cane, but not too hard, because that could cause an accident. Just get their attention. Offspring don’t drive too fast with mom in the car. Doing these things, hopefully will insure not only you and your loved ones safety, but that of the public safety. Let’s help one another to stay safe, and off of the wall



Pole Position

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

11th March 2014 Smyrna, Ga.

On an early Tuesday morning, Mr. Hyde was traveling east on Marston Street in his 2013 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. Prior to the Gilbert Street intersection, Mr. Hyde turned left too sharply, and struck the utility pole there. The vehicle rotated clockwise, and came to rest on the opposite side of the roadway. The vehicle was inoperable, and was towed by Marietta Wrecker. Mr. Hyde 67, Marietta, Ga. had no complaints of injury, but was examined by Atlanta Metro EMS, for precautionary measures due to a prior medical condition. I’m just wondering if the prior condition might have been vertigo. The utility pole was not a hazard immediately, and Smyrna Power was notified. LESSON: Drivers, just because you have lived in an area for a long time, doesn’t mean you are less likely to have an automobile accident. There are so many factors of daily change on our surface streets, and interstate systems, that one must be constantly attentive while behind the wheel. Thankfully,


 Stick A Fork In It

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

13th March 2014 Chamblee, Ga.

On a Thursday afternoon, Mr. Garcia was backing a 1981 TCIN forklift out of the warehouse at the engineering company he works for. Because he wasn’t paying attention, Mr. Garcia backed the fork lift into a 2012 Toyota Camry belonging to Mr. South. No citations were issued, and there were no reported injuries. LESSON: Always pay close attention while operating any type of motor vehicle. Look behind you when backing. Just because one is very familiar with their surroundings, doesn’t mean soeone hasn’t parked in the way. Not paying attention can potentially get you or someone else seriously injured. Wake up, and operate safely.


Save a Brain Cell

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

10th March 2014 Forest Park, Ga.

On a March Monday morning Mr. Duncan backed a 2007 GMC W5500 box truck up to the loading dock at Collins Produce, and stepped out of the truck. Mr. Duncan stated the vehicle began to roll away after he was outside of it. The truck rolled across the roadway, and struck a 2012 Nissan, Altima, belonging to Mr. Chea. Mr. Duncan stated he must have knocked the vehicle out of park when he was exiting it. The Nissan passenger car was slammed up under a semi trailer parked at the Ga. Tomato Company for storage. There was slight damage to the GMC truck. There was extensive damage to the Nissan passenger car, at the back, and front windshield area. There was no damage to the storage trailer. There were no injuries reported. No one was issued a citation. LESSON: Never, ever walk away from your vehicle, unless you are absolutely, positively sure it is secured, and not going anywhere. Make sure the emergency brake is engaged, and operational. If it is not functional, then throw a wheel chock under a tire. Avoid injury, and damage.




Costly Burger Basket

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

25th April 2014 Powder Springs, Ga.

On a Friday afternoon, Ms. Pessima, was parked at the drive through window of the Dairy Queen located at 3913 Austell Powder Springs Road, in her 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage. Ms. Pessima, had intentions of ordering some fast food from the drive through, but changed her mind at the last minute. Ms. Pessima shifted her car in reverse, to back out of the drive through, and park to go inside instead. At the same time Ms. Morrison was pulling into the parking lot towards the drive through, in her 2012 Volkswagen Jetta. Ms. Pessima stated she thought Ms. Morrison was going to stop, and allow her to keep backing up. Ms. Morrison stated, that Ms. Pessima began backing up, and before she could stop, Ms. Morrison collided with Ms. Pessima. There were no injuries reported, and no one was cited. LESSON: Go with your gut instinct. Have your mind made up when driving. Do your best not to deviate from your original plans, and always look before backing.


Your Tools Were Made For Your Hands

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

23rd April 2014 Marietta, Ga.

One afternoon in April, Mr. Cribbs was stopped at the driveway, of the Quick Trip, located at 600 South Marietta Parkway, attempting to turn left onto South Fairground Street, in his 1967 Dodge D200. Traveling North bound on Fairground Street approaching the same driveway, was Ms Hazleton, in her 2009 Dodge Journey. Mr. Cribbs tuned left exiting the driveway towards the south bound lanes of Fairground Street. Mr. Cribbs’ vehicle was not equipped with a factory driver’s seat. Mr. Cribbs was sitting on a tool box, instead of a factory installed front seat. As Mr. Cribbs made a left turn out of the Quick Trip parking lot, he fell off the tool box he was sitting on. To prevent falling on the floor, Mr. Cribbs grabbed onto his steering wheel for support. When Mr. Cribbs grabbed the steering wheel, it caused the vehicle to swerve from the south bound lanes, over the raised median, and into the north bound lanes of Fairgrounds Street. Ms. Hazleton was unable to avoid Mr. Cribbs’ vehicle. Mr. Cribbs’ front driver’s side bumper area, collided with Ms. Hazleton’s front driver’s side bumper area, in the north bound lanes of Fairground Street. There were no injuries at the scene. Mr. Cribbs was cited for, operating an unsafe vehicle, and failure to maintain lane. Ms. Hazleton’s vehicle was removed from the scene by Marietta Wrecker. LESSON: Anytime one modifies a vehicles original manufacturing specifications, they cannot expect that vehicle to perform up to the optimum potential. It is not recommended to replace your driver’s seat with a tool box. You have just read the results of such a modification. A used seat from a junk yard isn’t that costly. Be safe, get on the phone, and track one down, but not while you are driving.


The Police Cut You A Break

By The Tom Gripes, SNSN

8th May 2014 East Point, Ga.

Well if any of you are familiar with the Show COPS, the song that they play as it comes on and goes off is a Reggae song. The singer states in his lyrics besides “Bad Boys Bad Boys etc. that the Solder Man give you no break. Well I’m not sure where he lives but for most of our great county for as many horror stories you might hear of how the police treated some person unfairly there are just as many or more in which the officer extended his compassion side of the long arm of the law and gives you a break. This is usually in cases where the officer can make the call and if he or she feels that the party involved has given due respect to the officer and other variables that can factor in but mainly respect given is usually key.

So starts our story in the fine community we call East Point. Officer Dunn was called out to a private property auto accident. The location was the Race Track on 3503 Camp Creek Parkway. When the officer arrived he spoke to the driver of the Ford 2012 Excursion XLT. Well the man spoke the truth to the officer stating that he got out of the Ford and did not place the gear shift all the way in park. He also admitted that he got out of his Ford and started walking to the store and looked back to see that it was now rolling unattended toward a man pumping gas in his 2005 Chevy. Long story short the two did collide and the man with the Ford was found at fault but due to the fact that it was on private property no citations were given. But did you know that the uniform laws of the road can also apply to parking lots. According to Georgia Law that is true. So much is left up to the officer’s discretion so be nice. Also if that was ever to happen to you hope that it is in East Point.



Get On The Same Way

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

25th May 2014 Marietta, Ga.

On a drizzly afternoon in May, Ms. Adams was traveling north bound on I-75, in a 2006, Chevrolet, Impala/LS, that she had borrowed from Ms. Palmer. Unfortunately, the two ladies never discussed the importance of having proof of insurance in the vehicle one may be driving. Ms. Adams decided to exit the interstate, at the Delk Road exit. This particular exit ramp curves around in a very sharp circle. Ms. Adams was driving too fast for conditions. As a result, Ms. Adams hydroplaned, and spun around facing the wrong way on the ramp. The passenger side of the vehicle then struck the concrete wall. There were no injuries sustained. The vehicle was removed from the scene by Marietta Wrecker. Because Ms. Adams, and Ms. Palmer failed to discuss the whereabouts of her insurance papers, Ms. Adams was cited for no proof of insurance. This must’ve added insult to injury for this young driver. LESSON: Here is a good rule of thumb; Try your best to travel 5 miles per hour below the posted speed limit while driving on exit ramps. This will help to insure your control of the vehicle. Slow down, not just for your safety, but the safety of everyone else on the road. If you borrow some one’s vehicle, make certain you know where the insurance papers are. Get on the same page, and save yourself some trouble. Heaven knows we have enough.


Shop at Your Own Risk

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

27th May 2014 Marietta, Ga.

On a Tuesday afternoon in May, Ms. Gathaiya, was exiting the Wal-Mart parking lot located at Powder Springs Street, and Bellemeade Drive. She was stopped at the stop sign, in her 2005 Toyota, Camry, attempting to turn right onto north bound Powder Springs street. Around 06:20 pm, Mr. Griffeth was traveling north bound on Powder Springs street, attempting to turn into the Wal-Mart parking lot. Mr. Griffeth was traveling too fast to make the turn, resulting in his 1992 Nissan, Pathfinder colliding into Ms. Gathaiya’s vehicle sitting there at the stop sign. No injuries were sustained. Both drivers drove their vehicles from the scene. Mr. Griffeth was cited for making an improper turn. LESSON: Just slow it down people. Wal-Mart isn’t going anywhere. Some of their stores stay open 24 hours, so what’s the big rush. If you must drive fast how about paying attention to what you doing for the rest of us on the road. Pay attention, and shop at your own risk.




Pedestrians Have The Right Of Way (Right?)

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

16th March 2014 Smyrna, Ga.

On an early Sunday morning in March, Mr. Snellenberger was walking east bound on the shoulder of Windy Hill Road. Ms. Watson was traveling west bound on Windy Hill Road, in her 2009, Kia, Borrego. Mr. Snellenberger, while walking along, came upon a muddy place on the shoulder, and stepped out into the street, when traffic was clear, to avoid the mud, and never looked back up at the traffic. Ms. Watson heard a loud noise like something hit her vehicle. She turned around, and discovered she had struck a pedestrian. Ms. Watson said, “ I never saw a person in the road”. Mr. Snellenberger, declined first aid. No life threatening injuries were sustained. Mr. Snellenberger was cited for failure to walk on the sidewalk, and or shoulder of the road. LESSON: It’s good to know the traffic laws no matter your mode of transportation. As you can see, even pedestrians must obey the rules of the road. Stop, look, and listen, and survive.


Sign Of The Times

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

21st September 2014 Marietta, Ga.

Early on a Sunday morning, Mr. Culpepper was walking on the sidewalk of Roswell Street at Lakewood Drive. Mr. Culpepper was east of the intersection, when a blue sedan was approaching east bound on Roswell Street, in the right lane, which ends at Lakewood Drive. The driver of the unknown vehicle tried to change lanes to the left at the last second, and collided with the street sign on the corner of the intersection. The driver left the scene, and the sign sustained significant damage. There were no injuries, and no one was cited. Thank goodness it wasn’t a pedestrian that was hit. LESSON: Keep your eyes on the road, and slow down, especially in the city. This hit, and run driver had no regard for themselves, their vehicle, other drivers, pedestrians, or for us tax payers, who must pay for this damage. Heaven help the next victim.




Blue Light Special

 Late on a Sunday afternoon, Ms. Davis was traveling North on C.H. James Parkway, and had the green light at the intersection of Brownsville Road. She heard a siren, and observed a Police car entering the intersection from the West. Ms. Davis applied the brakes to yield to the emergency vehicle, and was struck in the rear by Mr. Ifinger, in his 2002 Dodge Caravan. Mr. Ifinger had the green light behind Ms. Davis. He saw the police car’s blue lights, but heard no siren. He was unable to avoid a collision with Ms. Davis. After the fact, an allegation was made that the police officer entered the intersection without using proper equipment, or due regard. Due to the allegations, the dash cam video was reviewed, from the patrol. The video showed that the police officer did follow proper procedure by turning on the emergency blue lights, and sirens simultaneously prior to entering the intersection. He also provided due regard to others by not entering the intersection before making sure all traffic was stopped. No one was cited in the incident. There were no injuries reported. Both drivers drove their vehicles from the scene. LESSON: Common sense tells us to yield to emergency vehicles on our roadways. As you read, both drivers had a different observation of what took place. One must be very sure before presenting allegations against a peace officer. The dash cam doesn’t lie. Be careful, and pay attention.


Col-De-Sac Creeper

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

15th September 2014, Smyrna, Ga.

On a Monday evening, Ms. Irvin was legally parked in the circle of Kissing Tree Lane, visiting a friend. Her 2007 Jeep Liberty had been parked there for a few minutes. Ms.Irvine, and her friend just happened to be filming the unoccupied vehicle, because she had just purchased it. Then came Ms. Whitsett backing into the street in her 2003 Lincoln Navigator, striking Ms. Irvine’s Jeep Liberty. Ms. Whitsett exited the vehicle, and walked into a residence at Kissing Tree Lane. All of this was filmed by Ms. Irvine. The film showed Ms. Whitsett get back into her vehicle, and park it in her garage. She never attempted to report the accident to the police, and she denied it ever happened when confronted by the police. The investigating officer observed damage to Ms. Irvine’s vehicle, and arrested Ms. Whitsett for committing several violations of the law while police were on the scene. She was charged with; hit and run, for leaving the scene of the accident, and failing, or refusing to report the accident to police. She was also charged with fleeing, and attempting to elude, improper backing, reckless driving, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication. It was unknown if she was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident, but she did greet the officers in the street with what appeared to be a glass of red wine. No injuries were reported. Both vehicles were removed by the owners. This case is pending. LESSON: Honesty is still the best policy. The camera doesn’t lie, so one who is involved in a traffic accident shouldn’t either. Don’t drink, and drive, and always tell the truth.




Chain Reaction Infractions

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

2cnd November 2014, Chamblee, Ga.

Early on a Sunday afternoon, Mr. Nielsen was traveling south bound on Peachtree Blvd. in his 2004 Chevrolet Impala. Directly in front of Mr. Nielsen, and not very far at all, was Mr. Mashfu traveling in his2014 Toyota Corolla, in the same direction. There were two more vehicles in front of Mr. Mashu’s. Traffic began to slow, and the first three vehicles came to a stop. Mr. Nielsen was unable to stop, and struck Mr. Mashu in the rear bumper, which caused his vehicle to collide with the vehicle in front of him, which caused that driver to collide with the vehicle in front of him. Mr. Nielsen was cited for following too closely. Mr. Mashu complained of knee, and neck pain, but refused EMS. The driver of the very front vehicle complained of neck, and back pain, and also refused EMS. There were no other injuries reported. Mr. Mashu’s Toyota was towed from the scene by Brown & Brown. LESSON: Slow down, Slow down, Slow down! If one sees they are going to be late for their destination, call ahead, and let someone know so. If one has to drive over the posted speed limit due to an emergency, then on u could wind up dead or seriously injured, by not having time to react, because of speeding. Slow it down.  


Two Wheel Tight Rope

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

24th November 2014, Marietta, Ga.

On a Monday evening, Mr. Petenbrink, was traveling south bound on Cobb Parkway in the center lane, turning left into a private business, in his 2003 Honda CRV. Then, comes Mr. Fox, riding his 2012 Suzuki, GSXR1000L motorcycle, traveling North bound, in the right hand straight lane. Mr. Petenbrink saw that the left hand straight lane North bound was stopped waiting for him to turn left. Mr. Petenbrink didn’t see Mr. Fox approaching in the right hand straight lane. Mr. Fox then collided with Mr. Petenbrink. Mr. Petenbrink was cited for failure to yield when turning left. Mr. Fox refused medical assistance for his minor injuries, and his motorcycle was removed from the accident scene by Marietta Wrecker. The other driver drove his vehicle from the scene. No other injuries were reported. LESSON: If, and when you may find yourself in this type of situation, as the left hand turning driver here, always make sure there is no one traveling in any lane before turning. One must be absolutely, positively, sure nothing is approaching before pulling out. Thank goodness no one was seriously injured. The two wheel operator is out of his transportation for a while, because of someone else’s negligence. Be considerate of other’s on the road, and watch for motorcycles extra close. Arrive alive.




Miss Matched Distraction

By Trent Robinson, SNSN                                                                

5th November 2014

 Ms. Smith traveling south on Old Fairburn Rd., in her 2002 Jeep Liberty, approaching the intersection of Camp Creek Parkway. Ms. Smith Collided with the right rear tandem wheels of the semi trailer, Mr. Shy was pulling. Mr. Shy stated to the authorities that he still had the light when he approached the intersection. He did not say whether the light was green or yellow. Ms. Smith stated that she had the green light, and proceeded through the intersection, when Mr. Shy failed to stop at the red light, when she struck the semi trailer. The two drivers behind Ms. Smith, Mr. Stewart, and Ms. Gent, stated their light was green, and Mr. Shy did not stop for the red light. He entered the intersection when the light was red. Ms. Gent stated that Ms. Smith’s Jeep Liberty spun around two times before crashing into the trees. Mr. Shy was cited for failure to obey a traffic device. The semi was remove3d from the scene by the owner. Ms. Smith’s vehicle was towed by S & W. Fulton County Fire Rescue arrived, and treated Mr. Shy for neck, and back pain, and Ms. Smith for back, and leg pain. Rural Metro Ambulance transported Ms. Smith to Grady Memorial Hospital. A second unit transported Mr. Shy to AMC Main Hospital. This case is still pending. LESSON: Here is a good rule of thumb for city driving, and really for all driving; look clearly, and intently right to left, and left to right before entering an intersection. Just because one has the green light doesn’t mean the driver coming the other way is going to yield to you. Make sure you are clear before proceeding, and don’t be distracted. Stay alert. Stay alive.


Early Reindeer Run In

By Trent Robinson, SNSN                                                                

27th November 2014, Marietta, Ga.

Early on a Thursday afternoon, Mr. Miller was traveling East bound on Roswell Road just east of North Greenbriar Parkway, in his 2011 Jaguar, XF Premium Sedan. A deer ran out in front of Mr. Miller’s vehicle, and was struck. The vehicle sustained minor damage, and there were no injuries reported. Mr. Miller drove the vehicle from the accident scene. The stunned deer jumped up, ran off, and cleared an eight foot privacy fence by jumping over it. That reminded Mr. Miller of Santa’s Reindeer being so close to Christmas time. LESSON: Just because one lives in the city doesn’t mean they won’t have an early run in with wild life. Be alert, and stay focused. With the continuing encroachment by man on America’s wildlife, and their habitats, the more of these stories we are going to see. Thankfully no one was injured, and the deer survived. Watch out. Wild Life is everywhere.




Find Out What Yield Really Means!

By Tom Gripes, SNSN                                                                

24th December 2014, Marietta, Ga.

On this day Ms. Manning armed with a gray 2012 Honda CR-V was travelling straight on Church Street at the intersection of Kennesaw Avenue. One Ms. Floyd poised in her gray 2009 Honda Accord was on Kennesaw Avenue at the intersection of Kennesaw Avenue and Church Street in Marietta Georgia. Ms. Manning came to a rolling stop at the Stop Sign. She also then failed to yield to traffic and struck Ms. Floyd’s automobile causing Ms. Floyd to run off of the road and though a fence and into a statue and a telephone pole. I don’t know if this makes sense to you but Ms. Manning probably has a better understanding of what yield means after receiving a citation for 40-6-72 DRIVING-STOP SIGN OR YIELD. No injuries are known at this time. As a last thought that sure had to be scary to Ms. Floyd running off of the road and I imagine that is was also troubling to Ms. Manning which  more than likely saw all that happening to another citizen.



Don’t Forget To Take Out the Trash

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

12th January, 2015, Atlanta, Ga.

Early on a Monday afternoon, Mr. Dunlop was on his route picking up garage, in his company 1997, Navistar, trash truck. The garbage man was parked on Pinehurst Drive, in front of Mr. Benton’s house. Mr. Benton was backing out of his driveway, and failed to look behind him. Mr. Benton backed into the garbage truck with his 2001 Chevrolet Malibu, causing minor damage to both vehicles. There were no injuries reported, and both drivers removed their own vehicles from the scene. Mr. Benton was cited for improper backing. Needless to say, his insurance company was busy. LESSON: The driver cited in this accident was very fortunate that there was only property damage. There are countless scenarios that could have happened. Always always always look before backing. The life you save could very well be your own. Take the time to be safe, and when you take out the trash, look before backing any vehicle. 


 If You Mess With The Bus You Get The Horn 

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

13th January, 2015, Forest Park, Ga.

Early on a Tuesday morning Ms. Washington was driving a 2006 I/C bus west bound on Washington Road. Then comes Ms. Hood in her 2004 Honda Accord behind the bus driver. Ms. Hood stated that she was attempting to pass the bus, when she crossed the double yellow line into the opposite lane. When attempting to re-enter the correct lane, Ms. Hood, ran out of room, and was struck by the bus driven by Ms. Washington. There was extensive damage to Ms Hood’s Honda, on the right side near the rear. There was slight damage to the left far front of the bus. There were no injuries reported, and both drivers removed their own vehicles from the scene. Ms. Hood was cited for, driving on the wrong side of the road, improper passing, and passing without enough clearance. Obviously the driver of the passenger car in this incident was in a distracted hurry to get nowhere. LESSON: When you leave home in your motor vehicle, have everything squared away, and secured in, and around the area known as the driver’s seat. Leave home in plenty of time to reach your destination without having to speed, and be stressed out behind the wheel because of poor time management. If you are already late, then slow it down, and be safe. What is a few more minutes out of your already late schedule, compared to your life?  Arrive alive, and slow it down.




Lying Driving

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

18th March, 2015, Forest Park, Ga.

On a Wednesday morning, Ms. Favela was traveling North on Old Dixie road near Central Avenue, in the center lane. Ms. Favela was driving a 1997 Ford, Econoline Van. Traveling beside her in the far right lane was Ms. Allen, in her 2010 Toyota Corolla. Ms. Allen stated that the lane Ms. Favela was driving in ended, and Ms. Favela was merging left, and struck Ms. Allen’s Corolla in the passenger door area, at her driver’s door area. Ms. Allen stated that Ms. Favela kept traveling, and she followed her to Moore Avenue. There was only slight damage to the passenger side, front door trim, and two one inch long white paint transfer lines on the passenger side mirror. The tape that holds the trim on had loosened, and there was a small scuff at the corner of the trim piece. Ms. Allen had no complaints of injury, and was issued no citation. Ms. Favera stated, she remembered driving beside Ms. Allen travelling North on Old Dixie Road. Ms. Favera said she got in front of Ms. Allen, and never had any collision. Ms. Favera said she drove home, because she was unaware of any accident. Ms. Favera’s vehicle was checked over several times on all sides by law enforcement, and no damage, or evidence could be found that indicated Ms. Favera’s vehicle had been in any accident. Ms. Favera had no complaints of injury, and was issued no citations. Lesson: Here is a classic example of, “He said She said”. Obviously one of these drivers was not being truthful. Evidence showed that the Corolla driver must have been attempting to get some free auto body repairs. Always stick to your guns, and tell the truth to the best of your knowledge. The truth will come out, and one is always better for telling  


Not Your Normal Rear Ender 

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

18th, March, 2015, Marietta, Ga.

Early on this morning, Mr. Gutierrez was travelling south on Gresham Avenue approaching the intersection of Roswell Road. He was driving a 2000 Ford Explorer that he borrowed from a friend. Ms. Styles was stopped south on Gresham Avenue, at the stop sign, at the intersection of Roswell Road. In her 2002 Honda Civic. Mr. Gutierrez was following too closely, and the front of his vehicle rear ended Ms. Styles’ vehicle. No injuries were reported, and both drivers drove their slightly damaged vehicles from the accident scene. Mr. Gutierrez was charged with following too close, driving without a license, or never issued one, and marijuana possession less than an ounce. Lesson: If one is going to borrow someone else’s automobile, make sure you have a valid driver’s license, maintain a safe following distance, and leave your pot at home. This way one can be assured not to receive the citations that this driver did.





Fog Line Fiasco 

By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

08th May, 2015 College Park, Ga.

On a clear Friday morning, Mr. Sapp was traveling south on Northfield Blvd, approaching Dunmoreland Terrace, in his 2015 Chrysler 200. Traveling directly behind Mr. Sapp was Mr. Pryor, in his 2003 Mercury Sable. Mr. Sapp stated, he was driving slowly, and was off to the right side of the roadway. Mr. Sapp further stated, Mr. Pryor attempted to pass him when he was re-entering the roadway, causing a collision. Mr. Pryor, advised, Mr. Sapp attempted to make a U-turn causing the collision. Based on the evidence given by the drivers involved, the investigating officer was unable to determine the at fault driver. No traffic citations were issued. There were no injuries. Both drivers drove their vehicles from the scene. LESSON: A good rule of thumb to remember reads: If, and when you are following another vehicle on a main road always keep your eyes glued to their brake lights. Even if you are in a big hurry, take the time to observe the driver in front of you. They might not see you, and are unaware of your presence behind them. Given this scenario, take a minute, observe them closely, and only proceed when the lost driver is completely out of your way. These safety steps may cost you a little time, but just think how much later you are going to be arriving at your destination, if you are involved in an accident. Take a minute to be safe.


Sneeze Attack 

By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

24th, April, 2015, East Point, Ga.

On a dry clear Friday morning Mr. Scott was stopped at the traffic light in the right straight travel lane facing west bound on Cleveland Avenue. He was stopped at the intersection of Norman Berry Drive in his 2007 Toyota Sequoia. Then Mr. Sow came in his 2004 Honda Civic. He stated, he was stopped in traffic behind Mr. Scott. Mr. Sow stated that he sneezed, and eased off of the brake striking Mr. Scott’s Toyota, with his Honda. No injuries were reported. Both drivers drove their vehicles from the scene. So, Mr. Sow, was cited for following too closely. LESSON: One can rest assured, that if one fails to maintain a safe following distance, one is inevitably going to be involved in a rear end collision. Just because a driver is stopped in traffic behind another driver, one should always give themselves plenty of cushion distance between them, and the driver in front of them. That way if one’s bodily functions interfere with the operation of their vehicle, there is plenty of reaction room, and time to avoid an accident. Keep you tissue handy so that you don’t have to take your eyes off of the road to retrieve them. Distraction plays a key factor in a lot of accidents. Focus on what’s important. Safety.


 Dodging The Bullet But Not The Beamer   

By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

23rd, April, 2015, East Point, Ga.

On a clear Thursday evening, Ms. Hall was merging onto State Route 407 south bound, from State Route 6 East, in her 2009 BMW 3281.  Then Mr. King came in his 2001 Peterbilt, Conventional 357, Road Tractor, pulling a fully loaded car hauler. Ms. Hall stated that the vehicle in front of her stopped suddenly, causing her to have stop suddenly. Mr. King stated that since Ms. Hall had to stop suddenly, he could not stop in time to avoid a collision with the rear of her BMW. Ms. Hall’s vehicle was removed by professional Towing. Mr. King was able to drive his vehicle from the scene. No injuries were reported. No citations were issued. LESSON: Big Rig Drivers, no matter how many miles they have logged behind the wheel are not impervious to rear end collisions. This driver was very fortunate not to have been cited. Thus dodging the bullet but not the Beamer. Imagine how the driver of the car must have felt when the truck driver wasn’t cited. Hopefully she had good insurance. Back Off Slow Down. You’ll get your Load there.





 Don’t Wave Me On  

By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

23rd, April, 2015, East Point, Ga.

On a Thursday evening Ms. Sasser was stopped at the stop sign on Creek Point Way, in her 2001 Kia Sportage at North Commerce Drive, looking for the Urgent Care Center. Ms. Sasser  stated, that she was attempting to turn left onto North Commerce Drive, and was being waved on into traffic by an unknown driver who was allowing her to cross. When Ms. Sasser proceeded through, she was struck on the left side by Mr. Miller in his 2012 Chevrolet Siverado 1500 truck. Mr. Miller stated that he was traveling north on North Commerce Drive when Ms. Sasser pulled out in front him causing the collision. No injuries were reported. Both drivers were able to drive their vehicles from the scene. Ms. Sasser was cited for failure to yield the right of way while turning left into traffic. LESSON: Here is a classic example of no good deed going unpunished. Even though the unknown driver was attempting to help Ms. Sasser get on out there into the traffic flow, they also were to blame for waving her out there. Mr. Miller was just driving normally, and had no time to stop. Never wave someone out into traffic ever. If they are dumb enough to pull out into traffic without knowing what is coming, then they probably deserve what they get. Just don’t you be a contributing factor or become a statistic because of someone else’s negligence.


Invisible Tricycle  

By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

30th, April, 2015, Chamblee, Ga.

Late on a Thursday night Ms. Dockett was riding her adult sized tricycle and attempting to cross Peachtree Blvd. at Chamblee Dunwoody Road. Then Ms. Bailes came turning right onto Peachtree Blvd. from Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. where she struck Ms. Dockett on her adult sized tricycle. Ms. Dockett was not injured, nor was her tricycle damaged. Ms. Bailes pulled to the side of the road to check Ms. Dockett’s condition. After confirming no one was injured, and neither vehicle was damaged, the drivers went their separate ways. Later that night Ms. Dockett thought she should file a report just in case she needed medical attention at a later time. LESSON: If one is going to be riding on a busy city street at night, make sure all of your equipment is well lit, and has plenty of reflectors. Drivers are not really expecting to encounter a bicycle, and or tricycles that late at night. A lot of drivers don’t see them in the day time, so they probably won’t see them at all at night. Watch it, and stay alert and lit up. 


Pole Vault  

By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

20th, March, 2015, Chamblee, Ga.

Late on a Friday night, Mr. Foote was attempting to pull out onto Peachtree Road when he misjudged the distance to the roadway, and struck a telephone pole on the roadside. Mr. Clayton, the passenger in Mr. Foote’s 2006 Volkswagon Jetta, had the same statement as Mr. Foote. No injuries were reported, and Mr. Foote called for a private wrecker to haul his vehicle from the accident scene. LESSON: Distractions, and driving are like oil, and water. They just don’t mix. In order to avoid this type of incident. Pay close attention to your surroundings. Not only is this driver going to be without his car for a while, the telephone pole will have to be replaced, driving up costs for us all. Pay attention at all times. Save lives, and money.






.There Is A Reason For Speed Limits  

By Trent Robinson, SNSN

01st, May, 2015, Smyrna, Ga.

Early on a Friday afternoon Ms. Scoggins was sitting in the Walgreen’s parking lot facing Windy Hill Road. Then came Mr. Sanchez, traveling west bound on Windy Hill Road crossing over South Cobb Drive, in his 2011 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck. Traveling East bound was Ms. Johnson in her 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer attempting to turn left into the Walgreen’s parking lot. Mr. Obol was traveling west bound on Windy Hill Road in his 2001 Hyunda Elantra, behind Mr. Sanchez. As Ms. Johnson was attempting to turn left into the Walgreens parking lot, Mr. Sanchez crossed over South Cobb Drive at a high rate of speed. Mr. Sanchez attempted some evasive action to avoid a collision with Ms. Johnson. Ms. Johnson’s vehicle collided with Mr. Sanchez’s vehicle at the left rear quarter panel. After the collision, the vehicle Mr. Sanchez was driving began to spin, striking the curb across the street in the east bound travel lane. After impacting with the curb Mr. Sanchez’s vehicle flipped once, and landed upright off of the roadway. While Mr. Sanchez was losing control of his vehicle, the front right bumper of Mr. Obol’s vehicle struck the right bumper of Ms. Johnson’s vehicle. Mr. Sanchez stated he was traveling the speed limit when he crossed over the intersection, and that Ms. Johnson turned left in front of him causing him to lose control, while attempting to swerve and avoid a collision. Ms. Johnson’s vehicle still struck Mr. Sanchez, and caused him to leave the roadway. Ms. Johnson stated that during her attempt to turn left into Walgreens, She struck Mr. Sanchez because there was no time to react, due to the high rate of speed he was traveling. All of the eye witness’ statements collaborated with Ms. Johnson’s testimony. Mr. Sanchez was cited for reckless driving, due to the physical evidence, witness testimony. Mr. Sanchez was transported to Kennestone Hospital for further evaluation, with head and neck pain. Ms. Johnson and Mr. Sanchez’s vbehicles were towed from the scene by Howards Wrecker Service. Mr. Obol drove his away. LESSON: Here is some simple advice to help you to avoid this type of an accident. Slow Down, Slow Down, Slow Down. Everyone is not from the U.S.A., and may not be familiar with our traffic laws. Watch out very closely while driving, and survive the ride.



 Maintain Your Machine  

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 14th, July, 2015, Douglassville, Ga.

On a Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Castellonas riving a 1999 Volkswagon Jetta, that he borrowed from his friend Mr. Donez. While travelling North bound on Dallas Hwy. the engine hood flew open, and hit the windshield. This caused the vehicle to swerve into the ditch. There were no injuries reported. The vehicle was towed from the scene by Super Quick Inc. No citations were issued. LESSON: If, and when you must borrow someone else’s vehicle, make dog gone sure of the safety status. Mr. Castellonas, more than likely, didn’t know of the faulty latch on the engine hood. Mr. Donez should have informed his friend of the defect. Make sure you maintain your machine, so this doesn’t happen to you.



Reverse Rear Ender  

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

  20th, July,2015, Smyrna, Ga.

On a Monday afternoon, Mr. Collins was travelling west bound on a private driveway facing South Cobb Drive. He was headed to the left turning lane, to travel south onto South Cobb Drive. Directly in front of his 1998 Ford Mustang, Ms. Mack in her 2011 Honda C.R.V. was in the left turning lane prepared to turn onto South Cobb Drive. At the last second Ms. Mack changed her mind, and wanted to turn right. She shifted her car into reverse, and began to maneuver her car backwards. Because Ms. Mack failed to look behind her she backed her vehicle into Mr. Collins’ vehicle. There were no injuries reported, and both drivers drove their vehicles from the scene. Ms. Mack was issued a warning citation for improper backing. LESSON: There is a simple solution to avoid such a collision. Always, always, always look behind you before backing any vehicle. If you are not sure if you are going to hit something, use this acronym: G.O.A.L., Get Out And Look. Don’t just keep backing up until you hit something. Save yourself a lot of trouble, and look before you back up. The “R” on your shifting column stands for Reverse, not Race.






Height Of Laziness  

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 26th, July, 2015 Smyrna, Ga.

On a Sunday afternoon Ms. Shoemake was backing out of a parking space after shopping at a local retailer located on South Cobb Drive. Ms. Shoemake failed to look behind her 2012 Kia Sportage while backing out. Directly behind her vehicle, was a shopping that some lazy individual left in the parking lot instead of properly placing it in a safe designated area. Ms. Shoemake struck the shopping cart with her car, causing the cart to slam into Ms. Zachery, who was walking through the parking lot. The impact from the collision injured Ms. Zachery’s left wrist, and left foot. There was visible swelling at the injury sights. Ms. Zachery was transported to Cobb Wellstar hospital by Metro Ambulance. Ms. Shoemake removed her vehicle from the scene herself. Because, the incident occurred on private property there were no citations issued. LESSON: There were two instances of laziness in this story. Number one, the shopper who left the cart in the parking lot, and Ms. Shoemake was too lazy, and or distracted to look behind her before backing her vehicle. Always, always, always, look behind you before backing any motor vehicle. Thankfully Ms. Zachery wasn’t seriously injured. This type of laziness led to the unfortunate outcome for the pedestrian. Don’t be lazy. Take your shopping cart back to the store, and look for obstructions blocking your way before backing up.


Six Car Demolition Derby  

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 13th, August, 2015 Marietta, Ga.

On a Thursday morning Mr. Klimek was stopped at the red light at Church St. and  North Marietta Parkway, in his 2011 Ford Taurus. Stopped behind him in the same lane was Mr. Barnett in his 2015 GMC Yukon, and directly behind Mr. Barnett, was  Ms. Camp in her 2003 Dodge Durango. Stopped in front of Mr. Klimek, was Ms. Reid in her 2003 Chevrolet Silverado. To the right of these vehicles stopped in the lane were Ms. Allison in her 2011 BMW, and Ms. Parafiyanovich in her 2005 BMW. For no particular reason, Mr. Klimek backed his vehicle into Mr. Barnett, and Ms. Camp’s vehicles. Then, Mr. Klimek drove his vehicle into the rear of Ms. Reid’s pickup truck. Mr. Klimek, then backed up, collided with the back of Ms. Ellison, and Ms. Parafiyanovich’s vehicles. Mr. Klimek stated that he didn’t remember anything happening to cause the accident. He also, stated to the investigating officer, that he had medical issues where his mind and body shut down and give out. Mr. Klimek was cited for following too closely, improper lane change, improper backing, and failure to maintain lane.  Mr. Klimek’s vehicle was towed from the scene by Marietta wrecker, as was Ms. Ellison’s car. All the other drivers involved drove their vehicles from the scene. There were no injuries reported. LESSON: When one is operating a motor vehicle, it is a very safe practice to be ever vigilant, alert, and safe. All of the drivers involved in this accident, except for Mr. Klimek, were simply waiting for the traffic light to change, and proceed on to their destination. Because, the state issued Mr.  Klimek a driver’s license, knowing he had medical issues, five other drivers suffered anxiety, but thankfully no injuries. This driver should seriously think about hanging it up, and stop driving before something really serious happens. Stay alert, stay alive.    



Consider Yielding Know The Law  

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

15th, August, 2015 Chamblee, Ga.

On a Saturday morning Mr. Li was attempting to make a left hand turn onto Shallowford road in his 1999 Toyota Corolla, from a private driveway. Then came Mr. Tseng in his 2011 Toyota Camry travelling North West on Shallowford Road when Mr. Li pulled in front of his vehicle. Mr. Tseng’s vehicle collided with Mr. Li’s vehicle at the rear side of the driver’s side of the car. Mr. Li was cited for failure to yield while making a left hand turn. Mr. Li’s vehicle was towed from the scene by Brown, and Brown. Mr. Tseng drove his vehicle from the scene. No injuries were reported. LESSON: Although it was never stated, speculative thinking says the driver cited here must have been distracted. Evidence showed that the other driver was not speeding or in violation of any traffic laws, but was minding his own business, and simply driving down the road. Mr. Li’s negligence could have caused something much more serious. Always make double dog sure nothing is coming before making any kind of maneuver in a motor vehicle. Pay attention. Arrive alive.






Avoidable Ejection Incident  

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

13th, October, 2015 Smyrna, Ga.

Early on a Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Serrano, was behind the wheel of his 2001 Chevrolet Venture, about exit a private driveway located off of  Windy Hill Road in SE Smyrna, to travel west bound on Windy Hill Road toward the intersection of Old Spring Road. Then, comes Mr. Rodrigues driving a 2004 E.N.G.N. ,  D40LF large passenger Van, west bound on Windy Hill Road, toward the intersection of Old Spring Road, in the outside straight travel lane. Mr. Serrano advised, he was attempting to conduct a right turn out of the private driveway to head west bound on Windy Hill Road when he noticed the large passenger van driven by Mr. Rodrigues, travelling at a high rate of speed causing the front bumper of the van to strike the driver side doors, fenders, and front bumper of Mr. Serrano’s passenger car. Mr. Rodrigues stated, that Mr. Serrano, conducted a right turn onto the road, and failed to yield the right of way, causing the collision. Several witnesses stated, the same testimony, given by Mr. Rodrigues. The witnesses then advised the investigating officer, that the rear left passenger, whom is a four year old girl, was ejected out of the left rear passenger window, onto the ground face first at impact. All passengers in Mr. Serrano’s vehicle were transported to the hospital by Metro. Two adults to Kennestone, and three children to Scottish Rite. Two passengers riding in the van were transported to Kennestone with complaints of pain. Mr. Serrano’s vehicle was removed from the scene by Howard’s to Smyrna Police Department impound lot. The passenger van was removed by Marietta Wrecker. Mr. Serrano was cited for failure to yield the right of way, and five non, compliance of the seat belt law. No one in the passenger car was wearing a seat belt. LESSON: Not Paying Attention Will Get You Hurt! What was the driver of the passenger car thinking? One may never know. What he did was to place everyone’s lives in jeapordy by not simply taking a minute to look to see what was coming. Everyone is very fortunate there were no fatalities. Remember what we learned in kindergarten? Stop, Look, and listen. Don’t step out, pull out, jump out, or anything else until you are 100% dead level sure nothing is coming. Always fasten your seat belt, and make sure your passengers are buckled up before you even place the key in the starter switch. Pay attention out there. 



Distraction Action  

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

 11th, December, 2015, Marietta, Ga.

On a Friday evening Mr. Newbold was traveling north on Campbell Hill Street in his 1995 Chevrolet GMT-400. Mr. Newboldstated, while driving he leaned over to look for his cell phone in the glove compartment, and left the roadway striking a utility pole. The impact moved the utility pole, and knocked down the street light. The damaged vehicle was removed from the scene by a private towing company. No injuries were reported. No citations were issued. LESSON: Distractions are one of the biggest causes of accidents. Pay attention to the road at all times, while operating a motor vehicle.  If one fails to do so, it could cost a lot more than just an automobile repair bill. Pay attention, stick around a while, and find your cell phone while you are parked, or sitting still. Don’t lose your life because of a distraction action.


Mix It Up With A School Bus  

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

 11th, December, 2015 Powder Springs, Ga.

 Early on a Friday afternoon, Ms. Fowler was operating a marked school bus in the East bound lane of Oglesby Road. Ms. Fowler stated she made a stop, using the vehicles flashing red lights, and stop sign attached to the left side of the bus, to unload one passenger. Then, comes, Ms. Washington traveling behind the school bus in her 2007, Honda, CRV. Ms. Fowler stated Ms. Washington, drove around the left side of her vehicle to pass. Ms. Fowler stated that she began honking her horn in an attempt to get Ms. Washington to stop. Ms. Fowler said Ms. Washington continued around her vehicle, and struck the safety arm located on the front of the bus while turning right into a driveway. Ms. Washington stated, she was behind the school bus, and observed the flashing lights. Ms. Washington stated that the school bus unloading her child, so she was attempting to pull into her driveway, so she could help her child off of the bus. Ms Washington said she drove into the west bound lane passing the bus. She advised she made a right turn in front of the bus striking the safety arm of the bus. Ms. Washington was cited for failure to stop for school bus loading/unloading. No injuries were reported. There was no damage reported to either vehicle. LESSON: Never ever, ever, ever pass a school bus while it is stopped with the red flashers flashing, and stop sign out. I don’t care if it is your child at your driveway or not. I don’t care if it’s one child unloading, or one hundred fifty children unloading. This is a big no no, that has no exceptions what so ever. The action of this driver, which was cited, is the cause of numerous accidents, and unfortunately deaths in these United States. Save our children, and yourself, and never do what this driver did under any circumstances.


Mechanical Error  

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

 12th, December, 2015, Powder Springs, Ga.

 On a Saturday afternoon Mr. Dupre was working on his 1980 Toyota pickup truck in his driveway. While he was changing the engine oil, at his home off of Old Lost Mountain Road, he left the vehicle in neutral, instead of placing it in gear, for safety purposes. Mr. Dupre was half way in, and half way out of the vehicle, when it started rolling backwards down a hill through the back yard, between two trees, and came to rest in the creek. West Cobb Towing was called to the scene, where they pulled the truck out of the creek. There was no damage to the vehicle. There were no injuries reported. LESSON: Not paying attention will get one hurt. Thankfully, this driver was not injured, nor was his vehicle damaged. Things could’ve been a lot worse. One must always check, and double check, for safety compliance, before working on or operating a motor vehicle. Be careful, and be safe. If one cannot, then take your car to Jiffy Lube, or one of your favorite oil changing places.




 By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

 30, November, 2015, Smyrna, Ga.

 Early on a Monday morning, Mr. Acosta was operating in a 2015 Dodge, Ram Wrecker chassis belonging to B.R.T. towing. While attempting to turn around in the parking lot of Smyrna Public Works, he backed over a traffic direction sign. Since Mr. Acosta had a vehicle on the flat bed wrecker he was operating, his view was obstructed, and he couldn’t see the sign. There was no damage to the wrecker. The sign post was bent over. While still at the scene, a public works employee came out, and replaced the thin metal sign post. No citations were issued. There were no injuries reported. LESSON: No matter what type of motor vehicle one is operating, always look behind you before backing up. If one cannot see what is behind them, here is an acronym for you to remember; G.O.A.L. “Get Out And Look”. Don’t just keep backing up, as this driver did. The next sign post could possibly be a person.    



We Demand A Shrubbery  

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN 

 27th, November, 2015, Smyrna, Ga.

 Early on a Friday afternoon, an unknown driver was traveling east bound on Mclinden Avenue, in a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta. The unknown driver apparently lost control, and crossed over onto the wrong side of the road. The vehicle struck the mail box at 901 Mclinden Avenue, pushing it into the neighbor’s yard. The vehicle continued through the front yard of 911 MclindenAvenue, where it ran over multiple bushes and shrubbery before striking the brick flower box that was attached to the brick mail box. The unknown driver left the scene, and notified no one. At the scene there were several car parts located in the path that the vehicle had traveled. The vehicle was later found unoccupied at a nearby apartment complex. The driver was never located. Howard’s Wrecker was dispatched to the scene, and impounded the vehicle. A hold was placed on the vehicle for step officers. No injuries were reported. No citations were issued. LESSON: In this day, and age a driver could very well come out of nowhere, and take out some stuff in your yard. If unawares, there is not much one can do about damaged property. If one witnesses an accident involving one’s property, then call 911, and dispatch the authorities. Don’t beat the hell out of anybody, or take the law into your own hands. Circumstances vary in all situations. Just plant more shrubs, and replace the mailbox.




Just A Walk In The Parking Lot     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 17th, January, 2016, Smyrna, Ga.

Straight up 08:00 pm on a Sunday evening Ms. Hullon was pulling into the parking lot of the Publix grocery store located at 4480 South Cobb Drive, to buy something for dinner that night. At or about the time, Ms. Stewart, was walking toward the Publix grocery store. Ms. Hollen, in her 2012 Chevrolet Malibu, stated she was turning into the parking lot, and Ms. Stewart was in her blind spot crossing the parking lot. Ms. Hollen further stated that as soon as she saw Ms. Stewart she stopped her vehicle. Ms. Hollen said that Ms. Stewart then hit the driver’s side front bumper with her hand and body as to simulate the car hitting her. Ms. Stewart stated that she was walking across the parking lot. When Ms. Hollen was turning into the parking lot she hit me, she further stated. Ms. Stewart stated she was not injured, and refused medical attention. There were no witnesses to the incident. No citations were issued. Ms. Hutton drove her vehicle from the scene, and Ms. Stewart hoofed it on out of there. LESSON: Here is a good rule of thumb concerning public parking lots; don’t be in a hurry. It’s a parking, so naturally there are going to be pedestrians walking into the store. A good percentage of the time, the pedestrian has the right of way out there. But there are certain instances where we find written in the law, where the pedestrian does not have the right of way. If a person walking chooses to leave the side walk or shoulder of the road, and is traveling on foot where the lane is designated for automobile traffic, they are at their own risk, and are the liable party in such a situation. Don’t be fooled. The law don’t lie


Mix Up Six     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 07th, Feb. 2016, Marietta, Ga.

Early on a Sunday evening, Mr. Brown was riding south bound on Cobb Parkway, on his 2009, Honda 600 motorcycle. Then, Ms. Milton comes along to the intersection of Windy Hill Road, and Cobb Parkway South, in a 2001 Pontiac ESY, that she borrowed from a friend, one Mr. Williams. Ms. Milton stated she checked to see if it was safe to pull out into the road, and did not see Mr. Brown approaching south bound, and pulled on out. This action resulted in Mr. Brown colliding into the side of the borrowed vehicle driven by Ms. Milton. Mr. Brown stated he was traveling south on Cobb Parkway, and Ms. Milton pulled out in front of him, resulting in the collision. Both vehicles sustained extensive damage. Ms. Milton was cited for no proof of insurance, and for failure to yield while entering the road way. Both vehicles were towed from the scene by Marietta wrecker. Both drivers refused medical attention, and were shaken up, but sustained only minor injuries.  LESSON: Watch out for motorcycles. They are everywhere. Look left, then right, then left again before pulling out into the highway. 







 Why Collide Learn To Drive     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 21st, April, 2016, Atlanta, Ga.

Late on a Thursday afternoon, Mr. Edwards was traveling west bound on Interstate 20, in a 2015 Chevrolet Express, full size passenger van, rented from Enterprise car rental. Traveling west bound at the same time on I 20 was Ms. Mordle in her 2008 Nissan Sentra. While attempting to avoid a collision with another vehicle, Mr. Edwards collided with Ms. Mordle’s vehicle on the passenger side of her car. No injuries were reported. Both drivers removed their own vehicles from the scene. Mr. Edwards was issued a citation for improper lane change, and a court date. Ms. Mordle was issued a subpoena for the court date. LESSON: If you are ever in doubt while operating a motor vehicle, a good rule of thumb is to SLOW DOWN! It doesn’t matter if you are on the interstate, surface street, two lane, four lane, or a dirt road, if you are not sure slow down maintain your lane, and make dang gone double dog sure that the lane is clear that you are about to change into before making your menouvor. Always keep your eyes moving at all times. It takes only a split second to lose your life out there. Don’t become a statistic. Watch the road at all times, and avoid an un-nessesary collision. Be very familiar with the vehicle you are operating with all of the mirrors adjusted so that you can easily see everything around you. If there is a so called blind spot make sure it’s clear before proceeding. Take the time to be safe, and slow it down. You’ll get there. Better to arrive a little late and breathing than never show up and pushing up Daisies.


 Avoid Pain Choose The Correct Lane     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 09th, April, 2016, Marietta, Ga.

Early on a Saturday evening, Ms Wilkes was traveling north bound in her 2001 Mercury Cougar in the right lane on Atlanta Street just before Waverly Way. Traveling north bound, also but in the left lane was Mr. Eubanks, in his 2007 Nissan Murano. Ms. Wilkes stated that she did not see Mr. Eubanks in his Nissan Murano, and attempted to turn left into 48 Atlanta street from the right lane, and struck the front passenger side of Mr. Eubanks’ vehicle. Mr. Eubanks stated that Ms. Wilkes attempted to turn left from the right lane and turned into the passenger side of his vehicle. There were no injuries reported. Both vehicles were removed from the scene by their drivers. Ms. Wilkes was issued a citation for improper turn. LESSON: Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention. It is absolutely nessecary to pay attention at all times or you could wake up dead. Watch the road and the traffic and not the street numbers. Even if you do pass your destination, it will be much safer to go down, find a place to turn around and go back, instead of risking life and limb and your wheels to make an unsafe turn while in a hurry or distracted. Know your surroundings, and perhaps call ahead and receive explicit directions to your destination, instead of flying by the seat of your pants. Be Sure. Be Safe.


Combination Vehicle Maneuver     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 14th, April, 2016, Marietta, Ga.

Early in the afternoon, on a spring Thursday, Mr. Johnson was delivering freight in his company tractor, and trailer, a 2001 Volvo, model TL. He was hauling a standard 53’ L, 13’6” H, dry-box van trailer, south bound on Cobb Parkway, in the Right straight lane. Then comes Ms. Weiskopf, also traveling south bound on Cobb Parkway, in the Left Straight Lane, in her 2013 Toyota, Sequoia. Both drivers were approximately fifty feet south of Life’s Way. Mr. Johnson conducted an improper lane change resulting in the front of Mr. Johnson’s company tractor trailer, striking the passenger side of Ms. Weiskopf’s Toyota Sequoia. No injuries were reported. Both vehicles were removed from the scene by Marietta Wrecker. Mr. Johnson was cited for improper lane change. LESSON: Whoa! That had to have been one scary collision. Never ever ever ever speculate, imagine, guess, wonder, reason, or trust another’s driver’s judgments out on the highway. One must stay completely alert and focused to the entire surroundings of your motor vehicle. Three Hundred Sixty Degrees, Top to Bottom, Front to Back Side to Side. Distraction, and traveling too fast for conditions, are a deadly combination for motorists, especially if one is operating a combination vehicle like the one in this report. Fortunately, there were no injuries here. Perhaps the driver of the SUV could have maneuvered away from the truck driver with the improper lane change. Trust your own judgment out there. Know your vehicles limitations. If there is any kind of doubt as to whether one can safely make a lane changing maneuver, then don’t do it. Be Sure. Play it Safe.





Back Up Bump     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 13th, April, 2016, Marietta, Ga.

It was after midnight on a Wednesday morning around 01:00 am, when Mr. Dubon illegally parked his 2007 Ford Super Duty pickup truck, in a no parking zone, which was clearly marked. His vehicle was on the shoulder across from the private drive located at 1280 Canton Road facing west. Then comes, Mr. Hoskins, in his 2011 Chevrolet Express, improperly backing out of the private drive there, into the roadway without even looking to see if it was safe to do so. Mr. Hoskins’ back bumper struck Mr. Dubon’s back left fender. No injuries were reported. Both drivers removed their own vehicles from scene. There were no citations issued. LESSON: Here is a prime example of plain out just not caring. Whenever you climb into any motor vehicle, and your intentions are to place the gear shifter into reverse, and proceed backwards, always always every time LOOK BEHIND YOU. If you are unsure or have any doubts, follow this old acrenim: G.O.A.L. get out and look. Just look before backing. If you think you can park in a no parking zone, and not experience something adverse, then go ahead and risk it. Chances are high that you could get backed into like this driver, or be issued a citation for being illegally parked. So, one may have to walk a little ways when one parks legally, but at least they won’t have this happen. Get some exercise. Do what’s right park legally and look before you back up. The “R” stands for reverse, not race. & S T O P means “stop”, not Spin Tires On Pavement.



Crash The House Party     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 1st, June, 2016, Smyrna, Ga.

Around 03:30 am on a Wednesday morning Mr. Jacobs was traveling south bound on Ward Street toward the intersection of Powder Springs Street. Mr. Jacobs crossed over into the opposing lane of traffic in his 2014 Jeep Wrangler, in a break in the median to enter Campbell High School, leaving approximately three feet of skid. Mr. Jacobs then continued through the intersection without stopping and struck an uphill embankment, through a hedge row, and through a fence, before vaulting approximately twelve feet and striking the house located at 2704 Sanford Road. The vehicle collided about five feet from the ground level. Two thirds of the vehicle entered into the house resulting in extensive damage to the vehicle, and the first and second floors of the residence. Mr. Jacobs was extracted from the wreckage by Smyrna Fire Rescue and transported to Kennestone Hospital with visible injuries. The passenger Ms. Johnson was extracted from the wreckage by Smyrna Fire Rescue and transported to Kennestone Hospital with visible injuries. Both occupants were transported by Metro Atlanta. Ms. Johnson stated that Mr. Jacobs had been consuming alcohol prior to the motor vehicle wreck. Due to the nature of the injuries sustained by Mr. Jacobs an impairment investigation was not completed at the time of the accident report. Charges are pending additional investigations. LESSON: Obviously this driver was unfamiliar with his surroundings. If one is going to drive at night or in this case early in the morning, know the surrounding area well enough to avoid running off of the road. In this case alcohol played a factor in the accident. Had the driver only allowed a sober person to drive then a lot of damage could have been avoided. Don’t crash the house party, and find a designated driver. Don’t get hurt being unfamiliar with your surroundings.





Fatigue Kills     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 28th, May, 2016, Douglasville, Ga.

Late on a Sunday afternoon Mr. Russell was traveling west bound on Interstate 20 in his 2016 Kia Optima. Mr. Russell fell asleep at the wheel. And drove across all lanes of the interstate, and over turned on the shoulder of the interstate. Mr. Russell was not injured, but agreed to be transported and evaluated. His passenger Ms. Batey, sustained a wrist injury, and some scrapes on her body. Ms. Batey was transported to Douglas Wellstar Hospital along with Mr. Russell by Rescue 11. The vehicle was towed from the scene by Massey Towing and Recovery. No citations were issued. LESSON: Fortunately no one lost their lives in this accident. If one is traveling long distances, make sure you’ve had plenty of rest. If you find yourself dozing off behind the wheel, pull over, and get out and walk around for a minute. Get yourself some ice cubes and suck on them. That’s how the long range bombers in WWII stayed awake on their missions. Don’t take a chance on dying on the highway. Fatigue kills, so get plenty of rest before taking off on your trip.



Cross Walk Calamity     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 2nd, June, 2016, Smyrna, Ga.

Early on a Thursday morning in the summer, Ms. Anderson was traveling North bound on Gaylor St. in her 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer near the intersection of the East West Connector. Ms. Anderson, was approaching the intersection to attempt a left turn onto west bound East West Connector. The traffic signal at this intersection does not have a left turning arrow, so it requires drivers turning left to yield to oncoming traffic as well as pedestrians in the crosswalk. Ms. Anderson stated she had a green light and was watching for vehicles traveling straight. When she saw there was no oncoming traffic she initiated the left turn. Then comes, Ms. Killingsworth, crossing the East West Connector in the pedestrian crosswalk. Ms. Killingsworth stated she was walking across the East West Connector, with a “Walk” pedestrian sign, and was suddenly struck by Ms. Anderson’s vehicle, knocking her to the ground. Both parties re-located to a near-by parking lot, and called the police department. Ms. Killingsworth had several visible scratches, but refused an ambulance several times, and said she would drive herself to an urgent care facility. Ms. Killingsworth also said she had some difficulty walking, but was standing during the interview with the investigating officer. There were no reports of further injuries. Ms. Anderson drove her vehicle from the scene, and Ms. Killingsworth walked from the scene. Ms. Anderson received a citation for Failure To Yield To Pedestrians In Crosswalk, and both parties were provided with the accident report. LESSON: Now Hear This. Not paying attention will get you hurt. Take the time to really survey the surroundings where you are traveling. This driver, after seeing there was no oncoming traffic, could have eased through the intersection slower than that. With no pressure from drivers behind her there was simply no hurry to make the maneuver. In our modern society, it seems a lot of drivers are always in a big hurry to get no-where. Slow Down! Thankfully the pedestrian in this story wasn’t seriously injured, and the driver was traveling very slowly. Just imagine how much more serious this accident could have turned out. A student C.D.L. driver was entering in to the outskirts of the city one night on the freeway system. In the center lane he had traffic merging on both sides, and fretfully woke his trainer in the sleeper berth. The student said they’re coming at me from both sides. What do I do? The trainer with a corrective retort replied, “Slow Down”! Take the time to stay alive SLOW DOWN!



Brazen Bicycle Buffoonery     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 31st, May, 2016, Smyrna, Ga.

On a late spring Tuesday morning Ms. Simmons was driving to work traveling west bound on Windy Hill Road in the inside lane, near the intersection of Windy Hill Road, and South Cobb Drive. As Ms. Simmons approached the intersection, she observed Mr. Dushon, who was beginning to cross the intersection of Windy Hill Road in the crosswalk on a bicycle. Mr. Dushon disobeyed the safety crossing signals and proceeded through the intersection. Mr. Dushon struck Ms Simmons’ 04 Toyota Camry on the right rear quarter panel. This caused Mr. Dushon to be knocked off of his bicycle. Mr. Dushon complained of some leg pain but refused medical treatment. He was issued a citation for failure to obey traffic control devices. Ms. Simmons drove her vehicle form the scene, and sustained no injuries. Mr. Dushon carried his bicycle from the scene. LESSON: Whoa Nelly ! What was this cyclist thinking? Obviously they were very unfamiliar with traffic signals, or was trying to beat the car and or come in behind it. Who knows? Speculation will get us no-where. I know this; If one fails to obey traffic signals, one could find it to be very detrimental to their health. Pay Attention.



Know Clearance No Clearance     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

  27th, May 2016, Smyrna, Ga.

Early on a Friday morning in May, Mr. Gorham was attempting to pull a rented 2014 GMC TG33, Box Van, into the parking deck located at 2233 Lake Park Drive Southeast Smyrna, Ga. Mr. Gorham stated that he had driven underneath the parking deck clearance rail, and struck the clearance rail with the top of the truck. Mr. Gorham was able to remove the truck from underneath the rail. The rail was knocked out of place. There were no employees at this business that could provide an approximate total cost of the damage incurred to the rail. Mr. Gorham was given a case number by the investigating officer for the accident report to come. There were no injuries reported. No citations were issued. Mr. Gorham removed the rented Box Van from the scene. Nothing further follows. LESSON: Wow! How unfortunate for this driver. The old acronym GOAL, “Get Out And Look” could have very well as easily been utilized by this driver before pulling forward into the parking deck here. Although GOAL is generally utilized in a backing situation, we can learn from this accident that it couldn’t hurt to get out and look if there is any remote minute itty bitty tiny hint of doubt in one’s mind concerning clearances. Forward or backwards. In our very busy society, this driver probably was pressing the clock to move whatever kind of a load he was moving, and didn’t even think to realize this rented vehicle was too high for the parking deck ceiling. There went any profit he expected to earn, or time money and effort at this project he was trying to complete. Be familiar with the vehicle you are operating, and the surroundings you are travelling. Save yourself time money effort sweat tears and damages. Get Out And Look.     



Red Light Bandit     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 27th, May, 2016, Douglasville, Ga.

 Around 02:00 am on a Friday morning Ms. Stringer was travelling southbound on Hwy. Five near the intersection of Rose Avenue, in her 2008 Chevrolet HHR. Ms. Stringer stated upon approaching the intersection, a dark colored pickup truck ran the red light coming off of Rose Avenue, causing her to swerve and strike the curb of the gore. Ms. Stringer was unable to give any other description of the vehicle. According to the investigating officer, there was no witness or evidence to suggest any other vehicle was involved. There was moderate damage to the under carriage of Ms. Stringer’s vehicle, and not drivable. Her vehicle was removed from the scene by J & B Enterprises. There were no citations issued. Ms. Stringer complained of back pain, but refused medical treatment. LESSON: It’s unbelievable to me, in this day and age how someone could be so desperate as to try to scam the system the way this driver appeared to be doing. This person also gave the appearance that she was too prideful to admit her mistake, and created a “Red Light Bandit”, to place the blame on for the damage to her Chevrolet. One cannot reason in their minds as to why people do what they do. It will make one physically ill. Watch out for the creators of imaginary perpetrators. They generally are the guilty dog that barks first.  




Big Rig Bang Up     

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 29th, September, 2016, Smyrna, Ga.

Early on a Thursday morning Mr. Adams was traveling west on the East West Connector SE, in a company owned 2017 Kennworth, T680, road tractor pulling a 53’ trailer. He was searching for the consignee in which to deliver the load he was hauling. Then, came Ms. Merriman traveling east on East West Connector SE, in her 2004 Toyota Corolla. Mr. Adams failed to yield turning left, causing Ms Merriman to strike the right rear side of the trailer that Mr. Adams was hauling. The trailer sustained slight damage while the Toyota sustained moderate damage. There were no injuries reported. Howards Wrecker removed Ms. Merriman vehicle from the scene. Mr. Adams drove his vehicle from the scene. Mr. Adams was cited for failure to yield turning left. Ms. Merriman was cited for expired/invalid tag. Nothing further has been reported at this time. LESSON: This trucker was from out of town, and quite possibly was distracted trying to locate his destination. It only takes a fraction of a second to wind up hurt or dead in a motor vehicle. It is very possible the driver of the automobile could have been distracted, and or speeding. One can only speculate. Keep your tags and registrations current. Pay attention to the road in which you are travelling. Make very, very sure there is nothing coming before you make a turn, especially in a big rig. It takes approximately 19 seconds to make a maneuver in one of these big trucks. Just enough time to make it or break it. Pay attention, and arrive alive. 



  Head On To Head On To Jail Cell      

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 4th, October, 2016, Marietta, Ga.  

  On a Tuesday evening Ms. Young was fleeing North on Sand Town Road, in a 2010 Dodge Charger, being pursued by law enforcement vehicles, with emergency lights and sirens activated. Then came, Mr. Siguantay, traveling North on Sand Town, in his 2000 Honda Accord, turning left into a private drive. Ms. Young attempted to go around Mr. Siguantay, on the left resulting in a collision. Then came Ms. Barton, and Ms. Olaghere, travelling South on Sand Town. Ms. Olaghere was behind Ms. Barton, in her 2003 Nissan Altima. Ms. Barton was driving her 2016 Isuzu Rodeo. Ms. Young improperly passed cars traveling North bound and collided head on with Ms. Barton. Ms. Barton’s vehicle was spun around 180 degrees resulting in a head on collision with Ms. Olaghere’s vehicle. Ms. Young was stopped and apprehended by law enforcement, and taken in to custody. Ms. Young failed to stop for the accident. There were no serious injuries reported, and none of the drivers were taken to the hospital. All of the vehicles were removed from the scene by Marietta Wrecker. Ms. Young was cited for, Driver’s License suspended/revoked, improper passing, Failure to maintain lane, Reckless driving, and


Fleeing/Attempting to elude officer.

Turn Two      

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN  

 11th, October, 2015, Marietta, Ga.

On a Monday morning Mr. Anderson was travelling west on North Marietta Parkway, in his 2015 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck. He was stopped in the left turn lane, awaiting the traffic signal to change. When the left turning arrow changed to green, Mr. Anderson proceeded to make a U-turn to travel East on North Marietta Parkway. Then, comes Ms. Avila, traveling North on Wallace Road in her 2008 Toyota Camry. She was stopped in the right turn lane on Wallace Road. Ms. Avila stated she made a right on red, and did not see Mr. Anderson’s vehicle while he was making his U-turn. Ms. Avila, failing to yield the right of way at the intersection, turned right on red, and struck the back right side of Mr. Anderson’s Pick Up Truck. No injuries were reported. Both drivers removed their vehicles from the accident scene. Ms. Avila was cited for, failure to yield at an intersection. LESSON: Here we have a prime example of not paying close attention to one’s surroundings. Not paying attention, especially in a motor vehicle, can certainly get you hurt, and seriously hurt. Fortunately, neither of these drivers was injured in this accident, and their property wasn’t severely damaged. Here’s a simple solution; PAY ATTENTION



 Three Times Turning      

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN  

 04th, November, 2016

Very early on a Friday morning Mr. Moree was travelling North on Cobb Parkway at Barclay Circle, in his 2016 Kia Rio/LX. He was positioned in the left turn lane about to turn onto Barclay Circle. Then, comes Ms. Dukes travelling South on Cobb Parkway at Barclay Circle in the right lane, driving her 2007 Lexus, SC430. Mr. Moree failed to yield to Ms. Dukes’ vehicle, and turned left into her path of travel. Ms. Dukes was unable to stop, and struck the passenger side doors of Mr. Moree’s vehicle. Ms. Dukes’ vehicle continued forward and struck a 2014, Ford, E450 Passenger Van, owned by Life College, and being driven by Mr. Mcclarty. The point of impact was located at the rear driver’s wheel, and fender. Mr. Moree was issued a citation for failure to yield the right of way. Mr. Moree, and Ms. Dukes suffered some non life threatening injuries, and were transported to Kennestone Hospital, by Metro EMS. Mr. Mcclarty sustained no bodily injuries. Mr. Moree’s, and Ms. Dukes’ vehicles were removed from the scene by Marietta Wrecker. LESSON: There are many speculations one could make trying to figure out a reason why this driver tuned into the path of another vehicle. Perhaps the driver thought he could beat the oncoming vehicle through the intersection. Maybe they weren’t paying attention, and didn’t see the other driver. For whatever reason, the driver at fault in this story, caused a lot of trouble for himself, and everyone else involved, because he didn’t take a few seconds to be safe. It doesn’t take that long to lose your life out there on the road. It’s no play ground. Be serious, be alert, be sober, be vigilant, and be patient. Be safe when you drive and arrive alive. 



Unknown Driver Hung Over Survivor      

   By Trent Robinson, SNSN  

   22, January, 2017, Marietta, Ga. 

    Very early on a Sunday morning Mr. Griffin was travelling North bound on I-75, in his 2005 Nissan Altima. Not far behind Mr. Griffin, an unknown driver was travelling north bound, in a 1998 GMC Savanah cargo van owned by E.N.S. deliveries. The unknown driver struck Mr. Griffin’s Nissan in the rear bumper. The collision caused Mr. Griffin to lose control, and strike a highway sign pole. The unknown driver fled the scene. The unknown driver was located and arrested for driving under the influence, and hit and run. Mr. Griffin’s vehicle was removed from the scene by Marietta Wrecker. There were no injuries reported. LESSON Don't drink and drive.


Emotional Outburst Occupant      

   By Trent Robinson, SNSN  

   25, January, 2017, Forest Park, Ga.

    On a winter evening Mr. Maxwell had gotten into an argument with his brother at the Public park located at 803 Forest Parkway. Mr. Maxwell said he was angry, and sped out of the parking lot west bound, in his 2005 GMC Yukon. He was going turn south bound onto the 4900 block of Lake Drive. Then, comes Mr. Leach in his 2005 Dodge Magnum turning into the driveway at 803 Forest Parkway. Mr. Maxwell misjudged the clearance, and struck Mr. Leach’s vehicle in the rear left side, with the front left side of his vehicle. Both vehicles sustained minor damage. Neither driver was sure if the collision occurred on the street or the driveway. After investigation it was determined that the collision occurred on the street. Mr. Maxwell did not have his driver’s license on his person, and the registration was expired on his vehicle. Mr. Leach’s vehicle had a suspended registration. Mr. Maxwell was cited for failure to yield entering the roadway, crossing the roadway no license on person, and the expired tag. Mr. Leach was cited for driving on suspended registration. There were no injuries reported from the accident. Both drivers removed their vehicles from the scene. LESSON: There is no telling how long these drivers would have been driving in violation, had the driver that caused the accident, just calmed down for a minute, and built a bridge and got over it before he ever considered getting behind the wheel of his automobile. Remember this; do not attempt to operate a motor vehicle if you are emotionally destroght. An emotional train wreck behind the wheel of an automobile most generally winds up in disaster. In this case, two would be violators were cited, and hopefully learned not to drive while under the influence of emotion.    




Concrete Evidence      

     By Trent Robinson, SNSN

26, January, 2017, Marietta, Ga.

It was a Thursday morning in metro Atlanta, Ga. The rush hour was going pretty smoothly for Mr. Davenport, who was stopped at the traffic signal on North Marietta Parkway and Whitlock Avenue, in the right travel lane. Mr. Davenport was operating a 2005 International 5600 Concrete Mixer, waiting for the signal to change. Then comes Mr. Turner, driving a 2017 International School Bus. Mr. Turner was travelling south bound on North Marietta park way, and was attempting to make a right hand turn, and did not realize that he did not have enough space to turn. Mr. Davenport stated there was not enough room for Mr. Turner to pass on the right side. Mr. Davenport stated that as Mr. Turner attempted to pass on the right, he hit the passenger side mirror of his vehicle, before making a right hand turn. Mr. Davenport blew his horn to notify Mr. Turner of the collision. Mr. Turner stated that he attempted to make a right hand turn, and did not realize that he did not have enough space to turn. Mr. Turner stated that he heard the vehicle horn, but did not know it was from Mr. Davenport, and did not know he had hit Mr. Davenport’s vehicle. There were no citations issued. There were no injuries reported. Both drivers drove their vehicles from the scene.



Black Ice Blues       

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

08th, January, 2017, Powder Springs, Ga.

On a January afternoon early in the new year, Ms. Kitchens was travelling west bound on CH James Parkway, in her 2010 Nissan Versa. Mr. Lewis was also travelling west bound just slightly ahead of Ms. Kitchens, in his 2004 International 4300. Ms. Kitchens hit a patch of ice on the roadway and began to spin. When Ms. Kitchens attempted to gain control of the vehicle, the front passenger side bumper struck the rear driver’s side of Mr. Lewis’ vehicle. When the vehicles made contact Ms. Kitchens lost control and her vehicle rolled an unknown amount of times, but came to rest on the driver’s side up against the guardrail on the North side of C H James Parkway. Damage was on all sides of Ms Kitchens’ vehicle which included the hood coming completely off. There were no injuries reported. Ms. Kitchens’ vehicle was removed by Marietta Wrecker. There were no citations issued


Hit And Run Not The Way       

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 24, January, 2017, Marietta, Ga.

It was Tuesday evening, and Mr. Fuller was crossing over Chestnut Hill Road riding his bicycle, on the West side of the intersection of Powder Springs Street with a green signal when an unidentified motorist was turning left onto Chest nut Hill Road from Powder Springs Street, and struck Mr. Fuller in the left side. Mr. Fuller stated that the unknown driver turned around and left the scene, travelling North on Powder Springs Street. Mr. Fuller complained of slight bruising on his left thigh, but refused medical treatment. Mr. Fuller carried his bicycle from the scene.



  A Turn For The Worst       

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

 25, January, 2017, Marietta, Ga.

  Late on a Wednesday morning, Mr. Mcgehee was travelling west bound on South Marietta Parkway in a 2014 Freightliner Cascadia road Tractor hauling a fifty three foot trailer, which was owned by, Fastening Solutions of Montgomery, Al. Mr. Mcgehee was in the right side left, turn lane when making a left turn onto South Fairground Street. Then comes Mr. Edwards, travelling west bound on South Marietta Parkway, in a 2015 Nissan Altima owned by a Ms. Poinsett of Bronx, N.Y. Mr. Edwards was in left travel lane, and he was attempting to make a left turn, from that lane. The truck driver, Mr. Mcgehee, stated that while he was attempting to make a left turn, Mr. Edwards turned in front of his big rig from the left travel lane and struck the the front of his road tractor. Mr. Edwards stated the he was in front of Mr. Mcgehee, while making a left turn and that Mr. Mcgehee struck his Nissan sedan. One Witness Ms. Leaks stated that Mr. Edwards attemted to make a left hand turn from the left straight lane. When Mr. Edwards struck Mr. Mcgehee’s vehicle. Due to the evidence, and corroborating statements from the witness, it was determined by the investigating officer , Officer Culpepper that Mr. Edwards made an improper turn resulting in the collision. There were no injuries reported Both drivers removed their vehicles from the scene. Mr. Edwards was cited for an improper turn. LESSON: It is quite obvious that this driver was not familiar at all with his surroundings, and was probably going to miss his turn. Looks to me like the driver of the passenger car abruptly made his turning attempt while travelling too fast for conditions, and was unfamiliar with his surroundings. Some streets in N.Y. , and especially in N.J. have a surface street system that requires motorists to turn right into a circular staging area that places them in a straight position to cross the four lane highway at a traffic light. Perhaps this driver from the Bronx, N.Y. may have become confused while driving too fast , and forgot he was in Ga. For whatever reason, take note of this incident. Slow down if you are seeking an address, and don’t be concerned about what is behind you, but focus on what is in front of you. Become familiar with you r surroundings before you venture out to locate your destination. Leave a little earlier than you planned so you won’t have to be in a hurry. Then you can avoid the costly mistake that this driver made. 



     Back Front       

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

24, May 2017, Chamblee, Ga.

On a Wednesday afternoon Mr. Melton was driving east bound on Montford Drive, in his 2007 Chevrolet Colorado. At the same time, Mr Wilks was backing out of the driveway located at 3757 Montford Drive, in his 2006 Scion TC. Mr. Wilks backed right into the front bumper of Mr. Melton's vehicle. The investigating officer observed slight damage to Mr. Melton's vehicle, and extensive damage to Mr. Wilks' vehicle. Mr. Wilks was issued a citation for failure to yield entering the roadway. There were no injuries reported. Both drivers removed their vehicles from the accident scene. LESSON: This costly mistake was totally preventable. Always, always, always look behind you before backing any vehicle. Fortunately there were no injuries sustained in this report. Stay alert, avoid distraction, and look before backing.


 Off Road Fiasco       

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

25, May, 2017, Marietta, Ga.

Early on a Thursday afternoon, Mr. Bautsch, was travelling North on Cobb Parkway South, south of Windy Hill road, on his Kawasaki, ZX838B2 motorcycle, in the right lane. Then, comes Mr. Pugh travelling North on Cobb Parkway South, south of Windy Hill Road, in his 2005 GMC G33803, pickup truck. Mr. Pugh was approaching 2145 Cobb Parkway South, and was about to turn right into 2145 Cobb Parkway South. Mr. Bautsch drove around traffic on the right shoulder of the highway towards 2145 Cobb Parkway South. Mr. Bautsch collided with Mr. Pugh's vehicle. Mr. Bautsch was issued a citation for driving off of a divided highway. Both vehicles were driven from the scene by their owners. Mr. Bautsch complained of left hand pain, but declined Metro EMS. LESSON: Just because you are travelling on a two wheeler on the main road doesn't mean you can go off road on the shoulder to pass traffic. Stay on the hard top. Employ patience, and wait for traffic to move. Slow down. You'll get there. 



Who Owns The Road       

 By Trent Robinson, SNSN

26 May, 2017, Marietta, Ga.

Early on a Friday morning Mr. Nunez was travelling west bound on Canton Road connector, in his 2005 GMC Sierra pickup truck, in the left straight lane, just after exiting I75NB, towards Cobb Parkway north. Then, comes Mr. Siegrist, travelling west bound on Canton Road connector, in his 2013 Ford LTD, in the right straight lane, after just exiting I75SB, toward Cobb Parkway North. An eye witness, Ms. Panter stated that Mr. Siegrist, turned on his left blinker to change lanes to the left. He had plenty of space in the left lane to enter the lane. When Mr. Siegrist began changing lanes, Mr. Nunez, aggressively sped up, and the witness could hear the exhaust from Mr. Nunez' vehicle becoming very loud. Mr. Nunez appeared to be trying to keep Mr. Siegrisrt from changing lanes in front of him. Ms. Panter stated that Mr. Nunez' vehicle was half way on the road, and halfway on the left shoulder when the two vehicles collided. The witness stated that it appeared that Mr. Nunez was trying to pass Mr. Siegrist, when he was changing lanes, as if Mr. Nunez didn't want Mr. Siegrist to be in front of him. Mr. Siegrist stated the same about the accident. Mr. Nunez stated that Mr. Siegrist merged into his vehicle. Both drivers drove their vehicles from the scene. Both drivers refused medical treatment. Mr. Nunez was cited for aggressive driving. LESSON: Slow down Slow down Slow down. This aggressive driving pattern is being seen more and more throughout the nation. Let's all try to be courteous and kind out there on the road. Technically no one person owns the road, so let us all drive as though the other drivers do. Let them have the road if they are in a big ol hurry, give them the right of way and let them go on. Avoid confrontation by slowing down and being patient with other drivers. we can all benefit from being kind. 


Rather Hit  A Car Than A Walking STAR   


July 13 2017 RIVERDALE Ga.

In Riverdale the Police respond quick to emergencies. This particular day of the "13"th of July an accident occurred on about Taylor  Road. There was a Ford Fiesta 2011 Model driven by a Ms. Williams. The other car involved was 2012 Jeep Compass Sport. Ms. Maddox was the Owner but not sure if she was the operator as the vehicle was stopped in the apartments. Ms.Williams being one of the heroes of the scene swerved to miss a pedestrian  and lost control of her vehicle. As things went she struck the driver's side of the Jeep which by the way was unoccupied. Ms. Williams complained of her arm hurting but was not transported from the scene. One point is that the wreck happened 5 minutes before the officer arrived. Good Police work. Of course it's never good to get in any kind of car wreck but Ms. Williams was not going to hit a live person a potential Star as we all are. Kudos to you Ms. Williams and to the Riverdale Police Department.


Out Of Control Means No Go


20th September 2017 Marietta Ga.

On a Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Graham was travelling north bound on Cobb Parkway N in his 2007 Saturn Ion Level. Mr. Graham, who was actively using narcotics while driving, lost control of the vehicle. He left his lane of travel, and crossed all south bound lanes of travel prior to exiting the road way and striking a tree off of the road way at 525 Cobb Park way N. Mr. Graham was cited for numerous traffic violations, and narcotics charges, and a warrant was obtained. Mr. Graham was transported to Kennestone Hospital by Metro EMS, for medical issues related to the narcotics use. His vehicle was impounded, and transported, by Marietta Wrecker Service to their lot. Mr. Graham was charged with, driving under the influence of narcotics, felony possession, and purchase of a controlled substance, failure to maintain lane, and no proof of insurance provided. Currently, this case is pending trial. LESSON: If a person struggles with an addictive personality, their ability to function properly is greatly compromised. Sitting still and doing narcotics is dangerous enough, but driving, and doing drugs is simply unacceptable. It's unfortunate, some people have very little self control, and choose to en-danger other drivers on the road with their poor choices. Be responsible, and safe, and just say, "NO", to drugs.



  Black Out Blues


05th September 2017

On a Tuesday evening, Mr. Hicks was travelling west bound on Chapel Crossing approaching Pine Grove Drive, when he blacked out momentarily. He then ran off of the road way striking a speed limit sign, Greystone power box, and then a mailbox. The vehicle came to rest in the street. Mr. Hicks sustained no injuries. His vehicle had moderate damage to the front driver's side. Greystone Power was advised of the damaged power box, and responded to the scene. Mr. Hicks, and the mailbox owner exchanged information, and came to an agreement about repairing the damaged mailbox. Mr. Hicks drove the vehicle from the accident scene. There were no citations issued. LESSON: When operating a motor vehicle one must pay attention constantly. This will reduce the chances of having an accident. This unfortunate driver, probably should check in with his doctor to find out why he blacked out. Not only is he placing himself in harm's way, but also everyone else on the road. Make sure you are healthy enough to drive. If one is blacking out behind the wheel, they should find out why, and solve that problem, before something really serious happens. Stay healthy, arrive alive.    































































































































































































































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